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Perfect Love (Perfect, #2) by Amanda Cowen

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ATTENTION READERS!!!! Perfect Love is a sequel to Perfect Sense. It is recommended, as it is a continuation, to read Perfect Sense before reading Perfect Love. 

The story that started with PERFECT SENSE continues... 

Cash Brooks held a secret from Quinn that destroyed any chance they had at a happy ending. 

Everything she believed their relationship to be was a lie. 

Quinn left heartbroken for Harvard, unable to stop loving him even though she knew his past ruined any chance they had at a future. 

Now, she’s in Boston completing her MBA and learning to move on without the only man she ever loved. Starting over isn’t easy… especially when an unlikely circumstance pulls her into Cash’s world once again. The truth will come out, hearts will be broken, and Cash will have to battle the mistakes from his past and fight for a second chance to be with the woman he loves. 

Their love isn’t perfect, but will it be enough for Quinn to learn to trust him again? Or will the burden and mistakes from his past keep them apart forever?