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Down and Dirty by Annette Fields

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Women come and go from my bed but they'll never have my heart. 

There's only one girl I'm committed to and that's my six-year-old daughter.

Every dirty deal I make is to secure a good future for her. 

When I find Natalie in the back of my truck ready to die fighting, everything gets flipped upside down. 

I saved her life and took her home. Her stay was supposed to be temporary but I don't want her to leave.

I want to feel her soft, sweet body writhing underneath me, begging for more and never stopping. 

But what's really got my head spinning?

My daughter wants a mother.


I escaped Hell only to run right into the arms of another demon. 

But Solomon says he won't hurt me, not in that way. 

He'll keep them from finding me, but can I trust him?

He's just another criminal working with the one who captured me. 

I feel ruined from what I've been through but somehow, he makes my body come alive again. 

He reminds me what pleasure feels like and I can't get enough. 

I'm beyond torn in multiple directions but that's not the most confusing part. 

How can a tattooed, muscle-bound criminal also be such a caring, devoted father? 

Down and Dirty is a full-length standalone bad boy romance in my Small Town Bad Boy series. Absolutely no cliffhangers and guaranteed HEA!