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Rowdy: A Scorched Souls Spinoff by C.L. Riley

đź’— BOOK REVIEW đź’—


I escaped to a small town on the Oregon Coast. My plan—disappear in the ashes of an arsonist’s rampage. 

Plans never turn out the way they’re imagined though, and taking on a new patient was not part of mine.

I don’t do male patients. In fact, I don’t ‘do’ men at all. Not anymore. Not after him. 

But something about the pain and confusion in Rowdy’s gaze speaks to my heart, stirring my spirit and breathing life into my withered soul. I’ve committed to stay, long enough to help him heal. In return, he promises to protect me, and I will leave a million dollars richer…if I survive. 

You see, Rowdy isn’t just any patient. He’s the president of an outlaw motorcycle club. His life is filled with violence and danger, and he has enemies who will risk everything to exact their revenge. 

What am I willing to risk to help one man I barely know? 

If my past catches up with me, I’ll be dead anyway. So for Rowdy…I’ll risk it all, my heart included. 


Discovering my entire life was based on lies, and then almost dying, should have been enough hell for one person to endure. But, in my case, the curve-balls just keep coming. 

Busted body parts and a broken brain aren’t making my existence any easier. 

The only light in my dark tunnel is Trina, the care provider who tries to hide her natural beauty behind sloppy sweatshirts and a strictly-business coat of armor. Her efforts are commendable, but she’s failing. Her shield is slipping, and I can see behind her tough exterior to the woman fighting to stay alive. 

If she can get me back on my Harley, I’ll do everything in my power to protect her. Hell. I’ll do anything to protect her even if I never recover.

She might be a drill sergeant when it comes to her job, but I’ve seen too many tough girls tossed to the wolves and torn to pieces. No wolf will get anywhere close to Trina, not with me blocking the path. 

You need to understand…she’s doing more than healing my body. She’s healing my heart. 

BEWARE: Rowdy is a standalone, dark romantic adventure that may contain triggers due to violence and sexual situations. The material is for readers 18 and older.

This book features a number of characters from the Scorched Souls Series (Firetrap, Firefight, Firestorm, and Fireworks ) currently available in one volume, Scorched Souls: The Complete Saga . IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO READ Scorched Souls, but you will gain added insight and more detailed background information by doing so.