Cake by Carmen Jenner

Cake, an all-new romantic and hilarious standalone from USA Today bestselling author Carmen Jenner is available NOW!


Title: Cake

Author: Carmen Jenner

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: March 1, 2018


A hilarious new rom-com from USA Today best-selling author Carmen Jenner. 

Poppy Porter's ex is getting married ... to her ex-best friend. To land her dream job of partner in the most prestigious firm on the Upper East Side, Poppy must now pull double shifts as their wedding planner and maid of honor. And the icing on a truly craptastic cake? Leo Nass. Handsome, infuriating, womanizer, and … the best man. Despite their longstanding loathing, Poppy doesn't see Leo coming. Literally.

One ruined cake.
One archnemesis.
One hour to save the wedding.

Can they put their hatred aside long enough to save Poppy’s job and Bridezilla's head from exploding?

Piece of cake, right?








by Carmen Jenner © 2018

I sneak closer to the bed, my heart pounding as I throw the pillow at him. The guy shifts in his sleep, and his breathing slows, but a beat later the snoring starts again and I have to resist the urge to scream. Instead, I raise my poker and jab the sheet covered body. It’s not hard, just a quick jab or two, but he still doesn’t stir.

“Hey, asshole!” I shout, and whack him hard in the butt with my poker.

The giant freak jumps up and seizes my hand. His grip forces me to drop my weapon. He yanks me toward him—on top of him—and this is how I find myself eye to eye with the beast. He breathes his heavy, stinking breath on my face, and I wince and wrinkle my nose.

Leo’s eyes crinkle in the corners as he laughs. “Morning, Pop Tart.”

“Get the hell out of my bed. And brush your goddamn teeth. What are you doing in my house, Nass?”

“Ah, still feisty, huh? Is this like an all-day thing with you, or do you eventually turn from an angry sea witch into a person? Would coffee help?”

“Fuck you, Leo.”

“Darlin’, you wish.”

“You’re disgusting. I wouldn’t touch you if—”

“Yeah, yeah, if I were the last man on Earth. I’ve heard it all before, sweet cheeks, and I don’t buy it for a second.” He flips us so suddenly my head spins. I’m beneath him, my wrists pinioned to the bed above my head by just one of his strong hands. The other glides up my side. My sheets have twisted up around us, but from this angle it looks as if Leo Nass is very much naked in my bed.

“Goddamn it,” I complain once I find my voice. “I’m going to need to burn these sheets after you leave.”

His eyebrow quirks, and the grin he gives me is all-out salacious. He shifts his weight between my legs, then he drops his hips and grinds his erection against me. I’m stunned, speechless. I have no words. They’ve all left me because my brain has turned to mush and my vagina is the only one thinking, and I’m really not okay leaving her in charge. “Why burn them when we’re not done messing them up?”




CakeCake by Carmen Jenner
Rosa's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

"The man who puts the whore in man whore..."

I've been a fan of Carmen Jenner's dark romance novels for years, so I couldn't resist giving her lighter side a try. As I suspected she nailed it, her word wizardry is not limited to genre, so I get to have my cake and eat it too. It doesn't matter what she decides to tackle next, whether it be a dark or light, chocolate or vanilla, badass bikers or wedding planners, I'm in.

I was #TeamPoppy from the beginning. She had my support and admiration for all she'd been through. I took my hat off to her for having the courage and self-control to face her ex who is marrying her ex-best friend who had the nerve to ask her to be her maid of honor at the ceremony. I get mad every time I think about it, even as I'm typing this review. Yes, this is one of those times I'm glad my Kindle is in a shockproof protective case.

Now, before you start thinking I'm wrong, and she's a wimp for allowing the exes to mistreat her, let me set you straight. She's not enduring the wedding fiasco for them, she's doing it for her job. Her dream is to make partner at the highly successful wedding planning business where she works. So, she's forced to suck it up and plaster a fake smile on her face and make it happen in spite of her humiliation and hurt feelings.

And to make matters worse, her ex's best friend is the best man. The man that loves to torture her by pushing her buttons and calling her Pop Tart. He never fails to be present at her most embarrassing moments, witnessing her regrets and reminding her of them with glee. He's the last person she wants to see her at her worst, but that seems to be what happens with alarming frequency.

Leo doesn't deny being a man whore, he claims it. He finds it amusing to taunt Poppy with sexual innuendos just to get a rise out of her. Being privy to his thoughts, I found it amusing when he admitted to me that, "I really love fighting with her." It wasn't a surprise to me, just confirmation of what I already knew and acknowledgment that he was aware of it too. Their fights were like foreplay and their banter was sexy and entertaining. I couldn't wait for them to finally seal the deal. I was mentally encouraging #Thor and #GrumpyCat to get together and make my day.

I was also thrumming with anticipation for the wedding fiasco to commence. The Prologue set the stage for me and I spent most of the book waiting for it to come full circle and finish up with an epic finale. Let's just say I was not disappointed. I loved every minute of this delicious #Enemies2Lovers romance. It was exactly what I needed to put a smile on my face and make me forget everything else as I enjoyed my #Cake without calories. I can't wait to see what the author decides to treat her readers to next. The line forms here...



Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something, USA Today and international bestselling author.

Her dark romance, KICK (Savage Saints MC #1), won Best Dark Romance Read in the Reader’s Choice Awards at RWDU, 2015.

A tattoo enthusiast, hardcore makeup addict and zombie fangirl, Carmen lives on the sunny North Coast of New South Wales, Australia, where she spends her time indoors wrangling her two wildling children, a dog named Pikelet, and her very own man-child.

A romantic at heart, Carmen strives to give her characters the HEA they deserve, but not before ruining their lives completely first … because what’s a happily ever after without a little torture?




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