Chasing Leo by Michelle Hercules




My grandfather used to say young love is like a shooting star zooming across the sky. It burns bright for a moment but fades into nothing in the blink of an eye. A long time ago, I met a boy who meant the world to me. But fate had other plans. I had to make a tough decision and break his heart. Moving far away from him was the only way I could save us both.

He became the hotshot hockey player he was destined to be, and I have the career of my dreams, but I’m far from whole.

When tragedy strikes again, I have to return home and face the boy I destroyed all those years ago.
He’s a man now, and he still hates me. Unfortunately, I need him. He’s the captain of the Boston Zodiacs, the glue keeping a team in shambles from falling apart completely, and I’m the new owner.

Working together brings back memories I’ve buried all these years. It reminds me I never stopped loving him. But I’m his boss now and can’t cross that line. Giving in to our feelings might lead to more than just shattered hearts; it might be the end of my family’s legacy.











Author : Rosa & Tricia

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