Contingency Plan (Stone Haven, #1) by Wrenn Montgomery


Title: Contingency Plan

Series: Stone Haven, #1

Author: Wrenn Montgomery

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 23, 2020


Seven years have passed since Willa Roberts left her hometown of Huntington, South Carolina and never looked back. It’s not that she hates the tiny, charming town she grew up in, it’s just that there are memories she’d rather not relive.

Painful, haunting memories. And not just of the death of her parents.

A rejection from the one person she thought she could depend on is what ultimately drove Willa to New York City, where she now has her dream job as an event coordinator and a handsome, successful husband.

But when Willa discovers her husband’s infidelity, it’s like deja vu as fight-or-flight mode kicks in, and she chooses flight yet again. Hitting rock bottom is what caused her to leave seven years ago, and hitting rock bottom is what’s bringing her right back. When everything begins to fall apart, sometimes the only answer is to go back to your roots and try for a fresh start.

Grant Stone has never entertained the thought of leaving Huntington. After launching a successful architecture company and building Stone Haven—a house he dreamed up with Willa—Stone has just one regret: letting Willa go all those years ago. So when he discovers that Willa has returned as a newly single woman in search of a job as an event planner, he wonders if this is too good to be true.

Because Willa is not the same person she was when she left. And neither is Stone. When the stars align just right, Willa realizes the answer to all of her questions just might be Stone Haven, the man behind it, and the pact they made all those years ago.

Contingency Plan is book one in the Stone Haven Romance Series.









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