Counting On You by J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele

Title: Counting on You
Authors: J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele
Genres: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 4, 2017

I have everything I want. Success. Wealth. Women…and make that plenty of those. As a filthy-rich CEO, I would say I’m pretty much close to perfection. Except for that one weakness: I’m cocky as hell, and an irresistible magnet for women.

So when one tiny mistake lands me in hot waters with the investors, I have one hell of a choice to make:
Restore my reputation…
Or risk losing my company.

I’m a man of my word and failure is not an option. Not now. Not ever. I fully intend to uphold my responsibilities.

Sharing an apartment should be easy, right? And it’s only for six weeks.
That’s what I thought before I found out that my new roommate is female.
And wow.
Vicky Sullivan is unlike any woman I’ve ever met.
She’s hot as sin, and crazy.
Definitely not my kind of crazy, but too hot to pass up.
There’s something about her that makes me rage with want.
I don’t like her, but obviously my dick does. And what he wants, he gets.

Six weeks…
Living together shouldn’t be too hard…
Until my best friend challenges me to a bet…
I make it my mission to make her mine.

There’s only one problem.
I have to break…Every. Single. Rule.
And did I mention she’s completely off-limits?

It’s too late to say no.

COUNTING ON YOU is a standalone rom-com with no cliffhanger. 



Kaiden Wright and I were never supposed to be roommates.

I was clingy, he was a manwhore. I lived to love, and he lived to play. I dreamed of a transparent picket fence, and he strived for success.

We couldn’t be more different. Me, a normal nurse, he a successful CEO. I wanted to love while he wanted to run. Yet, despite all our differences, we had one thing in common. We both fought hard for what we wanted.

Kaiden Wright wasn’t my future, and I wasn’t his past, but we had moments. Moments that defined us. Moments that felt as though the present was ours and ours only.

Maybe it wasn’t about ending up together.
Maybe it wasn’t about loving someone so deeply you would do anything for them without expecting anything in return.

We were pulled into each other’s lives like magnets, close enough to kiss, close enough to touch. Stolen secret moments that changed our lives forever.

What will happen when our borrowed time is over?


5 of 5 iScream Cones

Counting On YouCounting On You by J.C. Reed & Jackie Steele
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Well....Dayyuummm. I have a confession to make. This is my first J.C. Reed book and good lawd almighty...what tha heck Tricia, you need to move her books up your TBR. I have been a stalker for a few years, but just haven't gotten to read one of her books yet, and I have several of her books on my kindle and even have some paperbacks. I will definitely be fixing that little problem. lol I freaking love your writing style J. and lord girlie the romance in this book was off the had me turning those pages every minute I had available.. lol I just loved the storyline, it was something new for me. I just loved it!!!

Sooo this book, like I said above, starts off with a bang, I was like..ohhh dang, she just went there and I am along for the ride. lol This book is about Chase, he is a CEO of his company and he is cocky as shit and he finds himself in a bit of a "situation" and he is told that he needs to have a bit of therapy, Chase gets to go to REHAB. Six weeks to be exact. And if he does not go to this rehab, then he may loose everything. And...a major stipulation is that he needs to be on his best behavior which is VERY hard for Chase. He is sooo much fun y'all and will keep you giggling at his shenanigans!

Now onto the first day of rehab. Chase meets his roommate, and of course it is in a very awkward meeting, wellll, not really for Chase, but for his roomie, umm it was a bit shocking as to what she walks into on their first meeting. *giggle snort*

She is there because she may be a bit of a stalker. Of course she does not feel this way, but the court ordered her to go to rehab and so now she is here meeting Chase, her new roomie, in a very compromising position. lol

Anyway, you will just love these two. They both are a bit of rule breakers, so it makes for some fun Rom-Com for sure!! Do they get caught? If they do, what happens to them? Does Chase have a new stalker he needs to start running away from? lol You will just have to pick up Counting On You today and get ready for a really fun and crazy read that will just have you falling in love and turning those pages late into the night!!

I gave this book 5 iScream Books Stars!! Now onto stalking some more of J.C Reeds books!!! : )



J.C. Reed is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She writes steamy contemporary romance with a touch of mystery and suspense. When she's not typing away on her keyboard, forgetting the world around her, you can find her chatting with her readers on Facebook.



 Jackie Steele is a USA Today Bestselling author and a true romantic at heart. Whether reading or writing, Jackie loves dark, emotional stories that twist with your head and take you on a journey. As an ever romantic, she believes in happy endings and true love in all forms, which is reflected in all of her books.



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