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C-26 by D.D. Lorenzo


Love and time. Always hoped for, never promised.

Somewhere in the darkest corners of our mind, who we are, who we were, and even who we could be, lies tangled in a beautiful web.

Past collides with the present.

A mirage of memories, overlapping with dreams.

The space in between. Emptiness full of hope.

Where true love survives the unthinkable, the unsinkable and the unimaginable.

In this place true loves lives on, long after our bodies have passed. Stronger than a heartbeat— its pulse can be heard for centuries… with a quiet mind and open heart.

A simple clue, a series of numbers, a single touch, even a significant place.

If we look long enough, and listen hard enough, we can feel things with our soul. Things that seem impossible. Things we can’t see or hear. Things that shouldn’t be real.

And yet they are.
As real as the breath in our bodies and the stars in the skies.

That is the power of true love. The kind that endures.