Dares, Lies & Geminis by Kat Alexander


Title: Dares, Lies & Geminis

Author: Kat Alexander

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publication Date: May 29, 2018


Two women, different as night and day.
Tristana likes to keep to herself, devotedly working all day so she doesn’t think about all she is missing in life.
Seraphina, shrouded in mystery, hunts at night, surreptitiously looking for someone good, noble, and honest, while proving to herself they don’t exist. 

Two men who won’t succumb to failure.
After his brother’s death, Peter spends his days trying to build a life as far away from the accusatory eyes of his hometown. 
Nathan has a nightly obsession—Seraphina.

The truth that everyone is afraid to whisper.
As Peter starts to chip away at Tristana’s walls, one dare unknowingly releases something he thought he lost long ago.
And as Nathan moves in on Seraphina, one lie breaks apart the foundation of everything he thought he knew. 

Meet the Geminis.

*** Warning: This book contains sexual violence that may be a trigger for some readers. This is a work of fiction and not meant to offend or misrepresent any situations. ***








Excerpt from Dares, Lies & Geminis
by Kat Alexander © 2018



This is a story that bares all. It’s not just about me. It also includes Tristana, Peter, and Nathan. All our lives are entangled in a web of sorrow, deceit, despair, and love. Each strand is woven into a net that trapped all those around us, hurting many, ruining lives. Yet, new friends were made, new families forged.

There is always light in darkness, as there is always darkness where there is light.

I knew Tristana’s story. She did not know mine. Even then, I don’t think I know all of hers. Same could be said for Peter and Nathan. They certainly never knew everything.

This is a story about all the facets that drive human beings: vulnerability, courage, pain, love, hate, despair, family, friends, lovers, an opportunity.

This is a story about survival. About running from the nightmares humans are capable of inflicting on others. About running from the monsters out there who want to harm you, running from the monsters inside that you could become. Running from your past. Living with all the tools ingrained in your DNA. The need to survive, to adapt, to overcome.

This is a story. ~ Seraphina







Dares, Lies and GeminisDares, Lies & Geminis by Kat Alexander
Kim’s rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

This story crosses back and forth between Peter and Tristana and then Seraphina and Nathan. We read each couples story and try to discover what they have in common with each of their compelling and captivating storylines.

Seraphina and Nathan have a history but Seraphina disappears without warning and Nathan had no idea why. After years of being the blame for her disappearance he searches and finds her. She left him scared and confused a kid that lost his first love, best friend and was determined to get her back.
He secretly seduces her back to him but because the games she plays now are in cheap hotel rooms being a huntress he can’t have her finding out who he is but he also wants to protect her from her own destructive behavior.

With Tristana and Peter we have two people timidly trying to get to know each other without scaring the other one off. Both of them have their independence but also find a pull towards each other that they are fighting to ignore. They don’t have a history but are hoping to build a future together to thrive in.

The two couples and their stories eventually collide bringing the different storylines into one provoking subject. It’s original and unexpected. It’s heartbreaking and redeeming. The characters are all unique individuals with their own stories to tell and with their stories together we get a whole new reading experience. I loved how it dragged me in, propelled me to keep reading and then shocked the hell out of me.




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Kat Alexander is a freelance editor for Indie authors. If she’s not editing or working on her own stories, then she’s a chauffeur for her busy children, or you can find her here:




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