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Zak (Boys & Toys Season 2, #4) by Daryl Banner


Zak doesn’t mind that most people see him as just another stripper and webcam performer – a boy toy with a pretty face. No one ever has to know the “real” Zak. But when a loyal, long-time (and very rich) online fan nicknamed “Captain” wants to meet him face-to-face, Zak is forced to make a difficult decision that sends his personal and stage lives crashing together. This is the final book and the emotional conclusion to the Boys & Toys Season 2.

Season 2 of the fun and popular “Boys & Toys” series follows the lives of the youthful Connor, his frat-bro roommate Brett, their tough landlord Dante, and a brooding male stripper named Zak. They all share an apartment complex in the thrilling heart of the downtown “gayborhood” full of life, partying, and the endless pursuit of love – and they each have a story to tell.

NOTE: “Zak” is a fast-paced, stand-alone romance with humor, steam, and light-to-no angst. It is not required to read Boys & Toys Season 1 first. Season 2 features a cast of four all-new leading men, though cameos from season 1 may occur.