Destroyed With You (Stark Security, #5) by J. Kenner


Title: Destroyed With You

Series: Stark Security, #5

Author: J. Kenner

Genres: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 15, 2020

Former sheriff Winston Starr doesn’t think about the past. That dark day when he lost the sweet, innocent woman he’d loved, dead because of his mistake in a mission that had gone horribly wrong.

Now an operative with Stark Security, he’s left Texas behind, focusing only on his work and closing his heart to love even as his soul screams for revenge against the scum that killed his Linda. When old friends reveal new evidence, Winston learns that not only is Linda alive, she faked her death in the ultimate betrayal.

But things are not as Winston believes, and he soon finds himself on the run with the woman who ripped his heart out. Now, the only thing stronger than his rage is his desire for the woman who destroyed him.




“I want a past that is gone, a man that I can’t have, and a love I don’t deserve.”

I was destroyed with them too! My heart broke for poor sexy former sheriff Winston Starr. All that gorgeousness going to waste because the woman of his dreams was gone and he felt responsible for her death.

I can’t lie, I totally dig reading romantic suspense and trying to figure out what happened and what’s going to happen next. It gets my blood pumping when things get dangerous and exciting. All the while I’m filled with anticipation as I wait for all the secrets to be revealed and the sexy time to commence. I read the synopsis, so I knew he would soon be learning that she hadn’t died as he had thought. That’s why I don’t go in blind as so many readers prefer, I get such a rush from the buildup, expecting what is coming, waiting for it to happen. Anyone else like that?

I’m a big fan of the Stark Security team. They are all badass and have a sense of humor, but they are also extremely skilled in their areas of expertise. They are the best of the best to have at your back if you need backup. Winston is an operative on that team so you can guess that he’s not to be messed with and… she messed with him. IKR? Buckle up, it’s a wild ride you don’t want to miss. And guess what? There’s more headed our way, I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on Memories of You. The line forms here…



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