Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Dirty Rich, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story

Series: Dirty Rich, #2

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: May 23, 2018


A sexy standalone…

Seduced for a night. Taken forever.

With only nine months left at Stanford, and despite being top of her law school class, Lori Havens takes leave to care for her sick mother. That means she juggles three jobs, the best of which is researcher for novelist, and syndicated columnist of “Cat Does Crime,” Cat Summer.

One evening after finishing up her work at Cat’s apartment building, Lori has an encounter with a sexy stranger, and does something out of character. She goes home with him. The night is perfect, he’s perfect, wealthy, powerful and from out of town. Morning comes, and despite their connection, Lori leaves before he finds out she’s far from the equal he believes her to be. She’s not a charity case and she’s not after his money. She will make her own. In other words, she leaves before her prince charming finds out she’s no princess. 

Flash forward a few months, Lori’s mother is healing, and Cat’s husband, Reese, has merged his firm with another and Lori lands an internship there, with school credit and scholarship money.. Everything is falling into place. That is until fate reveals a wicked twist of events and Lori walks into a conference room to find her new boss, Cole Brooks, one of the partners, is her one-night prince charming. One sizzling shared look across a boardroom, and it’s clear: this man is not done with her. It’s not long before Lori is informed that she’ll be working high profile cases with her one night prince charming which will require long nights and travel, starting immediately.








Excerpt from Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Dirty Rich, #2)
by Lisa Renee Jones © 2018


I own you.
With those words, my words, my intent in the air, and my fingers still tangled in Lori’s hair, I kiss her, a deep, possessive kiss meant to claim her, take her, make her mine, if only for this night. And she knows it too, because when my lips part hers, she pants out, “No one owns me.”
“Then, sweetheart, you’ve never been properly fucked.” I slide my hands under her jacket, settling my palms on her shoulders.
“I guess that depends on how you define properly.”
I turn her to face in the opposite direction, dragging the jacket down her arms and tangling it around her wrists, and then I lean in close. “As dirty as possible,” I promise. “And with you on my tongue, in as many ways as we both find possible.”
“Is this how you own me?” she demands. “By binding my arms?”
“As much as I’d like to have you at my mercy, sweetheart,” I say, tossing the jacket aside, and turning her to face me, “I’m selfish enough to want your hands and mouth fully available, in any way, shape, or place you so choose to use them.” I walk us backward, toward the oversized chair made perfectly for the kind of hot, wild fuck in our near future, before my hands fall from her waist. “I want to watch you undress.”
“When do you undress?” she challenges.
“We have one condom, sweetheart. Let’s make it last. Undress for me, Lori.”
Her teeth scrape her bottom lip, and for just a moment, her eyes cut, but not before I see the flicker of nerves in her stare. And right then, I know that I’ve read her accurately up to this point. I know that her control is both a necessity and a wall that protects her. I know that no one has made it safe for her to leave those things at the door. No one has ever seen her really truly naked and the only way that happens, is to do exactly what I’m doing. Push her out of her comfort zone, pull her into the moment, where she forgets the walls, and lives nowhere but here in the moment. That’s the place where nothing exists but the two of us.
Her eyes meet mine again, and I see the decision in them. She’s not going to run like she did on the street tonight. She unzips her skirt, and caresses it down her slender, but curvy hips. It pools at her feet, and she kicks it aside, allowing me to admire her long legs in lacy thigh-high hose, my gaze catching on the slender strip of lace in the vee of her body.
Her fingers catch on the hem of her blouse, and she tries to hide the small, inhaled breath of courage she draws before pulling it and her loose bra over her head. She tosses it, and stands before me, creamy pale perfection in nothing but silk and lace, her breasts high, full, nipples puckered to a pretty pink that will soon be in my mouth. “You’re beautiful,” I say. “Come here.”
“Quid pro quo,” she declares. “I’m naked, you’re naked.”
We’re still doing the push and pull, but I don’t mind, not when my mouth is soon to be all over her body, which means her mouth will soon be all over my body. I don’t want her kneeling before me unless it’s to put her mouth on my cock. That’s not my goal, not this time, at least. It’s to own her, and that means she is so damn present, she can’t think, she can only feel. That takes trust and I decide to meet her halfway. I sit down and take off a shoe, showing it to her before setting it down.
“So now I get a socked foot?” she teases, and I can feel a hint of her tension easing away, her comfort in her own skin begins to settle into place. I can feel her easing into me and the night, letting me glimpse the real woman, not the stranger.
And I find that I surprise myself by how much I want to know this woman, not just fuck her.
“The pants don’t come off with the shoes on,” I tell her, and by the time I’ve removed the second shoe, she’s standing in front of me, every creamy white, naked inch of her. She grabs it and tosses it.
“Now the pants,” she orders, making it clear that she’s no submissive, that she can hold her own, and I fucking love it. “Or the shirt.”
I reach for her hips and walk her between my legs. “You’ve distracted me,” I tell her, my lips brushing her belly, my tongue drawing a circle. She trembles beneath my mouth, and I glance up at her. “You’re owned when you can think of nothing but the person you’re with. Nothing but what they might do to you now, and in the next moment.” I twine the string at her hips in my fingers. “Or where they might lick, kiss, or touch.” I drag her panties down her legs and then lower my mouth to her sex, where I let my breath tease her. “Tell me to lick you,” I order.
Her fingers curl around the material over my shoulders. “No.”
I bite my bottom lip and shake my head. “That’s too bad, because I really wanted to know how you taste.” I nip her hip and when she gives a surprised yelp I lave the wound with my tongue, glancing up at her. “Do you want me to—?”
“Say it, Lori…”




Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Dirty Rich, #2)Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Dirty Rich, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones
Rosa’s rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

“My one-time Prince Charming with mad bedroom and courtroom skills.”

The characters from the first book in the Dirty Rich series are part of this story, so you’ll meet them, but you can comfortably read this one as a standalone. Actually, I’m pretty damn sure if you do, you’ll love them and want to go back and read Reese & Cat’s story too. So far, both male leads have been lawyers, but with the Dirty Rich title there’s no telling where the author might take us next. They also have high profile clients that have exciting events requiring representation and of course it’s always great when the Walker Security team gets pulled in too. So many possibilities to look forward to.

Lori is struggling just to survive her very demanding day-to-day responsibilities of working three jobs, paying a mountain of bills, and worrying about her mother. There’s no time for anything else in her life and men have not even been on her radar for a long time. Well, I guess he wasn’t either, considering she literally ran into him. But now that she’s seen him, that faulty radar is working just fine. The signal is very strong and flashing red lights at her. He’s taking up space in her head, invading her thoughts and fantasies. Walking away from him was a mistake and she regretted it immediately.

Cole is not a manwhore, but he’s not looking for a relationship either. When he’s working on a case he puts his everything into it. His job is demanding enough and he doesn’t need anything or anyone else to distract him. When he runs into Lori he’s struck, literally , by her beauty. He wants to spend some more time with her and tries to convince her to meet him before he leaves town. He’s disappointed when she refuses, and he doesn’t even have her name to contact her again later.

How exciting it was for me to witness the impact of their first meeting. Of course, my mind went crazy with anticipation and possibilities as I imagined them finally connecting, in spite of Lori’s refusal. I knew it was gonna happen, I just didn’t know when or how. The pages of my Kindle practically turned themselves as I devoured this story from start to finish with very few breaks in between. Yes, I cursed those necessary but brief interruptions every time they took me away from all the goodness, #BossFantasy #NaughtyAssociate #WithoutLimits #PrinceCharming #Cinderella, etc…

And then there was more goodness in the form of research, suspects, investigations and courtroom drama. Never forget to, “Think beyond the file.”  I loved these legal eagles together as they challenged each other, fighting to win, angling to be on top… of each other. Their sharp wit and sense of humor were very entertaining, whether they were in the office, the car, the bedroom or in the air. Cole has never lost a case in court, but would he lose her? Would her pride keep her heart on lockdown? Would her determination to dig herself out of her debt without help from anyone be all that she’s left with at the end?

I really enjoyed Dirty Rich Cinderella Story and after being introduced to some awesome support characters I’m even more excited to continue the series. I can’t wait to see what the author has planned for her readers next. The line forms here…



New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT series.

In addition to the success of Lisa’s INSIDE OUT series, she has published many successful titles. The TALL, DARK AND DEADLY series and THE SECRET LIFE OF AMY BENSEN series, both spent several months on a combination of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling lists. Lisa is also the author of the bestselling the bestselling DIRTY MONEY and WHITE LIES series. And will be publishing the first book in her Lilah Love suspense series with Amazon Publishing in March 2018.

Prior to publishing Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was recognized many times by The Austin Business Journal and also praised by the Dallas Women’s Magazine. In 1998 Lisa was listed as the #7 growing women owned business in Entrepreneur Magazine.





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