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Broken by Ellie Messe

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Mama didn’t come home. 
Daddy liked to hit. 
Brothers followed suit. 

So I ran. 

I ran from that life. 
I ran from myself. 
I ran into him. 

I have no experience with the game board we’re playing on, and that makes this a lethal game. One wrong move and my heart could land in the fire he’s created inside me. Worse, it could lead my past to his doorstep and it won’t just be my blood that taints this floor. 

I should run. I need to run. 

My father is the devil in a flesh suit, he won’t be happy until he paints this town red for my betrayal. 

I should run. I need to run. 

Because despite my feelings for Parker Hayes, the devil is coming and he wants what’s his.