Fractured Night by Persephone Autumn




A small town, forced proximity, LGBT romantic suspense from USA Today Bestselling author, Persephone Autumn.

Shallow. Heartless. Egocentric. The top three words people use to describe Phoebe Graves.

Somehow, I’ve always seen past her icy facade. Seen beyond her callous exterior.

And those minor glimpses… they make me want her more.

But Phoebe and I exist in different worlds in our small town. Though we’re both Seven—the Stone Bay founding families—she flaunts her privileged status while I live a more humble life.

The last thing I envision is my life colliding with hers.

When Phoebe walks into my family’s business, searching for answers on the town’s latest tragedy, my mother suggests we join forces to find the culprit. To make Stone Bay safe again.

Much to my surprise, Phoebe says yes.

In the weeks that follow—as the evidence grows and the list of names shrinks—the unexpected happens. Phoebe lets me in. Reciprocates my affections. Then asks for secrecy.

As time ticks on, as Phoebe gets consumed by the case, doubt seeps in and I question our relationship.

One night, one hasty decision, fractures our lives forever.






Author : Rosa & Tricia

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