Fury (Savage Brothers MC-Tennessee Chapter, #4) by Jordan Marie



Title: Fury

Series: Savage Brothers MC-Tennessee Chapter, #4

Author: Jordan Marie

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: December 3, 2019


I was sent to Florida on a mission. I’m here to help my club and my brother. Devil has been through hell, he’s found happiness with his old lady and I want that for him. He has the life I’ve always wanted and tasted once… briefly.
I never dreamed trying to find someone for my club, would lead me back to my past, and to the only woman I’ve ever loved. Ellie Lane. I claimed her as mine and gave her everything I had. Losing her nearly destroyed me.I don’t know if I’m strong enough to let her go twice.

Walking away from Liam was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.It’s been over a year and each day leaves me aching and empty.
Every day we make choices. When it comes to Liam, I’m pretty sure I made the wrong one.I never expected to see him again.
I still love him.He still wants me.
I’ve dreamed of a second chance. It happens in fairy tales, right? Although, I’m pretty sure the princess never got her prince under a hail of gunfire…






5 iScream Cones

“The only person that has ever had the power to keep me from you…is you.”

Of course, from the first page, my HEA driven heart yearned for Fury and Ellie to find each other again and work out whatever caused them to separate in the first place. My nosy self was all up in their business wanting to know what, when, where, and who was responsible for this couple who were still in love with each other having to suffer through this painful separation. Not that I wanted to blame or shame, I just needed to know who focus my mental telepathy toward, you know?

Fury has not been himself since he lost her. He didn’t realize how much she filled his life until she was no longer there and he felt the cracks left behind. He thought they’d be together forever and he couldn’t see a future without her. It was club business that took her away from him, and it was club business that brought him back to her. Not that he knew that going in. It surprised the hell out of him when he ran into her in the last place he expected to find her. Actually…she found him.

Ellie damn sure didn’t expect to find Liam where she did, doing what he was doing. Just wait, you’ll see what I mean, I’m not tellin’. That was when I first developed a girl crush on her. She didn’t let her emotions dull her badassery and she let it fly. And that’s not the only time either. I was thinking to myself she’d be the perfect old lady, too bad she walked away from that life.

Let me tell you, I was so curious to know…everything. But, the author, that evil, brilliant wordsmith took me on a ride and I was hanging on for dear life trying to catch a clue. The suspense had me biting my nails and the bossy, dirty talkin’ biker had me biting my lip. I was in heaven and I didn’t want it to end. When he told her, “I can wait as long as you can.” I snickered and started counting down. I felt the heat between them and knew if I was betting I’d have won. 🔥







I’m just a simple small town country girl, haunted by Alpha Men who talk in my head 24 hours a day. 

I knew I wanted to write when it became clear I couldn’t be happy with just viewing other people’s stories. I always wanted to rewrite them. 

Like why did Jack have to die? Why couldn’t Rose move her butt over? Because that was a huge piece of wood she was on, people.  

Happy Endings should be fought for, but they should always happen. Mine might take some curves and twists, but they eventually get there.

Having published over fifty stories, it always feels surreal that this is my life. Hitting USA Today had me crying for days, but nothing is more special than hearing from readers that they loved one of my books. 

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