If You Say So (KPD Motorcycle Patrol, #6) by Lani Lynn Vale



Title: If You Say So

Series: KPD Motorcycle Patrol, #6

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genres: Military, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: October 29, 2019

Gabriel Luca Maldonado, III and Francesca Leandra Solomon were meant to be. They were so in love that everybody prayed for what they had.

Everything was glorious. They would get married, have children and live a perfect life. She would be a doctor in the emergency room once she finished her doctorate, and he would be a badass Navy SEAL and save people for a living.

But then Luca is deployed across the world, and per military regulations, Frankie isn’t allowed to follow.

They’ve overcome a lot in their short relationship, and they can overcome this, too. Two years was a piece of cake. She’d finish her schooling and wait for him. And when he finally returned home, they would marry.

But two months into Luca’s deployment, the unthinkable happens, and Frankie is left alone and heartbroken, knowing that she’ll have to face the rest of life without Luca at her side.


Fast forward two years, and Frankie is exactly where her fiancé’s father left her, in a pit of despair that she has no hope of ever finding her way out of.

She lives life one second at a time, depressed and alone, hoping tomorrow won’t hurt like today.

She finds a job, moves, and hopes that the nightmares won’t swallow her whole.

But just as she thinks that she’s getting better, one of her nightmares walks through the doors of her ER, and that nightmare has a name.

Gabriel Luca Maldonado, III. In the flesh.

Also healthy and whole, and definitely no longer missing.

Sadly, it only takes her a half a second to realize that the man that left her isn’t the same man that returned.

The old one wanted her. The new one? Well, he’s definitely not interested anymore.






5 iScream Cones

"I was a living, breathing dead person."

Every time I read a new Lani Lynn Vale book it becomes my favorite...until the next one is released. All of them make me smile, even when they're focused on a very serious subject, those chapter headings are still hilarious. She always manages to bring awareness to tough topics that I hadn't known about previously. She touches my funny bone and my heart, every time.

Frankie is so smart she whizzed through med school in the shortest time possible. She looks so young, but the pain makes her feel old. Losing the love of your life the way she did is not the best way to grow up fast. But, at least she has her career to keep her busy. Too much alone time just makes her sad and sleeping brings nightmares.

She had resigned herself to just surviving, rather than really living, when her world was rocked a second time. Her painful past pushed its way into her present and things got confusing, but not boring. He looks different, though that skin-tight KDP Motorcycle Patrol uniform reveals muscles that weren't there before his deployment. He's bigger, in all the best ways. There are a lot of other differences too.

Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled as tight as his uniform pants. You'll be tempted to throw your Kindle, but don't, you won't want to miss a single word of this amazing story. I've become so attached to the author's colorful cast of characters from multiple series that it's like a reunion every time I read a new story. I can't get enough, always ready for more. The line forms here...




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