In Search of Solace by MariaLisa deMora


Title: In Search of Solace

Series: Rebel Wayfarers MC, Freed Riders MC

Author: MariaLisa deMora

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: November 16, 2020

Myrtle's life had been filled with pain and anguish. Forced to take things into her own hands, she disappeared into the Kentucky mountainside, shrouded in darkness with only the little she could squeeze inside a bag. Days, and hundreds of miles later, in a different kind of tough spot, Myrt finds herself rescued by a woman who seems too good to be true. Ignoring Myrt’s bruising and desperation, Vanna offered both a place to stay and a hand up.

Slowly settling into her new, charmed life, Myrt’s world is rocked when a van rolls to a stop in the front drive, and out steps a stranger. Dark and rough on the outside, he still makes Myrt feel safer than she’s been in years. Could she offer her trust to such a man? Her heart?

Bane was slowly settling into his role in the Freed Riders MC based out of Northeast Texas. His brothers have his back, and with his evolving responsibilities all intended to foster good relations with other clubs, life is never boring. Witness his most recent assignment. The wife and kids of an officer in a friendly club needed roadside assistance, and Bane had been hand-selected for the rescue.

Easy breezy, Bane headed across state lines, scooped the family off the side of the road, and—as ordered—stuck with them through the rest of their trip. The destination was no hardship, either, even if Baker, Florida, was a tiny dead-ass town along a no man’s land section of the Gulf Coast. Good times.

Bane had anticipated a few no-stress days filled with sleep and relaxation, but expectations been blown sideways the instant his gaze met a pair of unfamiliar ones through the glass of a window. Myrt. Once he’d seen and spoken to her, met her, held her in his arms, Bane found himself filled with an overriding need to protect her. Myrt, a woman under the protection of that same friendly club that was the reason he was in the area in the first place.

Well, this is gonna be fun.






"Sometimes it's not time or distance that heals wounds, it's meeting the right person at the right time."

I was excited to get my hands on In Search of Solace being as I'm a big fan of MariaLisa deMora's writing. I get so caught up in her stories and characters I feel like I know them and look forward to any opportunities to spend time with them. I love it when I read a new story and an old friend shows up. This story has more than one old friend and I really enjoyed the crossover of different series. And, being a Texan myself, I really dig the Texas-based Freed Riders MC. But I'm not gonna lie, Mason will always be my first and favorite.

The author has a very distinctive style of writing that I've not found anywhere else. She has the ability to make me feel deeply and even hear the voices of her characters. Don't ask me how that's possible, it just is. Her men are so strong but so sweet at the same time. When they find the one their softness comes out and I just melt into a puddle of goo at the way they take care of their women. And it's not just the women either, the strong bond of brotherhood and found family is inspiring and heartwarming.

Don't think that it's all hearts and flowers though. The author's got a wicked side too. Her villains are vicious and probably what caused me to create a Goodreads bookshelf called throw-kindle to describe how I feel when I read some of them. The asshole responsible for the pain that Myrtle suffers definitely had me worked up and ready to do some damage. I totally understand the protectiveness she brought out in Bane, I felt it too.

All my boxes were checked and all my emotions got a workout. Since I can't give anything away, I think I'll try some 'L' words this time to give you a clue: livid, love, laughter, liaison, lust, leader, lies, loyalty, likable, lasting, longing, loathe, loving, life. I can't wait for whatever comes next. The line forms here...



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