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Return to Heartland (Heartland Cove County) by Jacquie Gee

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Lingerie and cupcakes have Becca Lane living the sweet life in New York City—until the call that sends her home. Heartland Cove may sound quaint and endearing, but in essence it’s a small, nosey, rural town, in the middle of backwoods New Brunswick—a place Becca couldn’t wait to leave. She arrives to find her mother acting strange, the family business in peril, and the town in dire straits. What to save first? Worst of all, Jebson Jefferies, Becca’s former fiancé—and a man she could happily never see again—has been elected mayor and is threatening to destroy the future of Heartland, along with Becca’s family legacy—and all she stands to inherit. 

Not that she ever wanted it. It’s…complicated.

Trent Nash, a former football star, is a displaced Aussie with a big secret. He has escaped to small-town Heartland Cove to start a new life and is determined to remain incognito. He thinks he’s just about pulled it off when, a sassy redhead walks through his door of his struggling establishment…and right into his heart.

Becca; however, does not share the same sentiment. Hot Aussie or not, he’s a vagabond thief, and she won’t let herself think otherwise. Until she becomes embroiled in a crusade bigger than she bargained for, and the beautiful, bronzed stranger comes to her aid. Will Becca be able to push discrepancies aside long enough to save Heartland Cove, or will Heartland Cove become Becca’s savior? Perhaps deep down, what really needs rescuing, has less to do with Heartland, and more to do with Becca’s heart.

This is a sweet, contemporary romance, meaning no sex on the page, but loads of steamy, romantic tension between loveable characters. If you enjoy intriguing plot along with your romance, this is the read for you.