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Colton’s Salvation (Demented Sons MC, #1) by Kristine Allen


The army taught me to kill.

Every flex of hard earned muscle was for my country. I didn’t need shit else except my rifle, my brothers, and the enemy. I was born to fight.

Then the military cut me loose.

Civilian life. Two words dirtier than the bloodshed downrange. I didn’t want my freedom.

I wanted my goddamn purpose back. I wanted my government issued rifle in my hands. I wanted to taste the grit of foreign soil. I wanted to fight until I drew my last breath…

Then she crossed in front of my path—carrying our child.


Styx and Stones (Demented Sons MC Texas, #2) by Kristine Allen


I’m the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don’t do beach hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don’t obsess over the chick afterward. But that’s exactly what I did.

Remembering every inch of her luscious body, every damn sound she’d uttered—I fell into a hole I couldn’t crawl out of. A five foot nothing, legs for days, hole.

No choice, I made a decision. Come hell or high water, the school teacher was gonna be mine…

Except I didn’t realize she had a past I couldn’t survive.


Lock and Load: A Demented Sons MC Texas Novel by Kristine Allen


I’m the Sergeant-At-Arms for the Demented Sons MC. A year ago my life went to shit, and every priority I ever had changed. Being a single dad on the run was never on my radar, but that was the hand I was dealt. 

I didn’t think shit could get worse. 

Then fate dumped a raven-haired beauty in my lap, and all hell broke loose. 

Trying to keep my two-year-old daughter and a hot mess of a woman alive while still protecting my club threw my adrenaline into overdrive. Strung tight, danger coming at us from all directions, I faltered… 

That was the only excuse I had for what happened next.


Make Music With Me (Straight Wicked, #1) by Kristine Allen


I’m the lead singer for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years. 

Every woman wants to be my muse. But that position is already filled. Lust, love, heartbreak, anger – every word I sing is for her. 

Except she doesn’t belong to me. 

She used to be my brother’s woman, but now she’s drowning in grief and I’m soullessly plotting. 

I want her to see me. 
I want her to hear my music. 
I want her to know my words. 

I should feel guilty for what I’m about to do, but I don’t. She needs to move on and I need to fucking breathe again. I’m a substitute for no one. My name is Levi MacKenzie and I’m in love with my brother’s fiancé.