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The Price of Inertia (The Seven Sins, #4) by Lily Zante


Ward Maddox has hit a dead end.
Or, as it’s commonly known in his line of work, writer’s block.
The reclusive multi-millionaire author has a book to finish but he’s only written six pages.

His agent isn’t too happy and has taken matters into his own hands.
A beautiful mansion rented.
A housekeeper hired.
All Ward has to do is write the next book, but this is easier said than done.

Marianne Evers needs money and a break after a hellish week. Her boyfriend cheated on her, she got evicted and she lost her job – the one she needs to help pay for her mom’s nursing home costs.

But serendipity strikes when she lands a last minute housekeeping contract.
The assignment is simple: to be a live-in housekeeper to a man she will barely see.

The money is great and she doesn’t have to find a place to live. Better still, she can afford to keep her mom in the nice nursing home.

All he has to do is write the book.
All she has to do is take care of the chores.
That’s the plan.
Until the plan goes horribly wrong.

The Price of Inertia is the fourth book in THE SEVEN SINS, a series of angsty, emotional standalone romances.