Preach. (Church, #2) by Stylo Fantome



Title: Preach.

Series: Church, #2

Author: Stylo Fantome

Genre: Dark Romance

Release Date: November 9, 2018


A shattered woman.

A changed man.

Church Logan wanted to kill someone, and Emma Hartley wanted to die - they were a match made in hell.

But one little cut, a pint or two of blood, and suddenly everything between them is different.

Are they still destined for greatness? Or has the darkness finally eclipsed them and torn them apart?

Looks like it's time for Church to practice what he preaches.

Ignition, meet explosion.

warning: if you have triggers - this story will touch on a lot of them. This book is a dark romance, 85,000+ words.




Preach. (Church, #2)Preach. (Church, #2) by Stylo Fantome
Tricia's rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

Preach by Stylo Fantome

Holy crap on a Preach really got dark in places and holy shit I loved it!! I rarely ever read blurbs and so I didn't realize how twisty/turny this book was going to get until I read the blurb after I finished the book.

There is a warning that the author gives: If you have triggers - this story will touch on a lot of them. This book is a dark romance.

Soo get ready ladies, you will get some back story/answers to Church and Emma's past. You will definitely hate Emma's momma and a few more people in this book. Andddd don't you know that Church will take care of Emma with his whole being, even if it means killing the ones that hurt her and he gives no care in the world about doing it either..

FYI:You definitely need to read Church before reading Preach cuz you will be soo lost.

And don't you know that I want to say sooo much more but that would ruin it for I guess I will close my review. If you hate cliffy's, just know that Preach is coming out in just a few days and if you haven't read Church you can start today and be ready for Preach!! Eeep...I can't wait to hear what you think about it!!

5 "twisty/turny Stars from me!!! Loved this book Stylo!!!







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