Redemption by Tori Fox


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 Redemption by Tori Fox

Series: The Partners, #3

Genre: Romantic Suspense, #Organized Crime

Release Date: March 31, 2022


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The Partners are back with a vengeance…

Everyone thinks I died three years ago.
I sacrificed my life for my friends.
To redeem myself for all my wrong doings.

I don’t exist. Not in the real sense of the word.
I’m just a man fulfilling my destiny that was laid out for me from the day I was born.
A man put in position to take over the largest criminal organization.

I’m just a pawn in a game with nothing to lose.
Until my past hits me like a freight train. The only woman I ever fell for reappears in my life.
But she isn’t just anyone. Her family is one of the most powerful mafia families in Italy.
And it’s the family I’m after for trying to take down The Partners.

We never should have been together. We never should have met.
Our story could start a war. Especially when she drops a bomb I never saw coming.
And now the stakes are so high even my own life is forfeit.

I may not exist.
But that won’t stop me from taking what’s mine.
And risking everything for a family I didn’t know I had.

**This is book 3 in The Partners series. While they are standalones, it is best they are read in order.
This is a dark romance suitable for readers 18+. This book may contain subject matter that can be seen as triggers.



 Redemption by Tori Fox

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