A Wicked Song (Brilliance Trilogy, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones


Title: A Wicked Song

Series: Brilliance Trilogy, #2

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: August 18, 2020


Kace August: famous, intense, dark, addictive. Aria Alard: a woman with secrets, passion, and a dangerous past. Passion. Secrets. Mystery. Aria fell hard for Kace. She trusted him. But did he deserve that trust? And where is Gio?

A Wicked Song is the second book in the Brilliance Trilogy.









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“That’s the thing about two damaged souls who connect. Sometimes they destroy each other. But when the stars align, when the souls align with them, you heal each other. You make each other stronger. In my heart of hearts, I believe he makes me stronger.”

I think he does too, but what do I know? I’m the starstruck reader swooning over the sexy violinist and I have no clue how this story will end. I’m totally invested at this point. On the edge of my seat, anxious and excited to get my questions answered. And damn, I’m loving every second along the way.

It’s so cool how the author weaves her stories and I get the chance to spend time with some of my favorite characters from other books. I won’t mention all of them, but I’ve gotta give a shout out to my man Savage for keeping me entertained, he’s my favorite from Walker Security. Probably because he has no filter.

A Wicked Song has an endless supply of suspense and passion, the secrets and sexy times alone were enough to keep me turning the pages. It’s got more than that, though. I’m a music lover and am really enjoying the part that plays in this intriguing story. Speaking of, have you seen the amazing covers for this series? If I wasn’t already a fan of the author, those stunning covers would draw me in.

The Brilliance Trilogy is exactly that, three books, so you know going in to expect the first two to end on a cliffhanger. I know this. But, still…never fails…I end up sitting there with my jaw dropped in surprise. I LOVE IT! It gets my heart racing and makes me so excited for what’s coming next. I can’t wait to get my hands on A Sinful Encore. The line forms here…





Author : Tricia & Rosa

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