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Annihilation Road by Christine Feehan

Series: Torpedo Ink, #6

Genres: Paranormal, MC Romance

Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group

Release Date: December 28, 2021


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All paths lead to destruction in the new Torpedo Ink novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Savin “Savage” Pajari is convinced he’s not worth a damn thing. He’s not like his brothers. He’s a sadistic monster, a killer—a man no woman could truly love. So it completely throws him when a stranger risks her life for his, pushing him out of the way and taking the hit that would have sent him six feet under. If he had any kind of sense, he’d leave her alone, but Savage can’t get the woman with a smart mouth and no sense of self-preservation out of his head. With one kiss, he’s lost.

Seychelle Dubois has spent her entire life not feeling much of anything, until Savage comes along and sets her whole body on fire. Kissing him was a mistake. Letting him get close would be a catastrophe. He’s the most beautiful—and damaged—man she’s ever met. He has a way of getting under her skin, and what he’s offering is too tempting to resist.

Seychelle knows so little about Savage or the dangerous world of Torpedo Ink, but his darkness draws her like a moth to a flame. Loving him could mean losing herself completely to his needs—needs she doesn’t understand but is eager to learn. But what Savage teaches her could destroy her.




Annihilation Road by Christine Feehan

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Annihilation Road by Christine Feehan - 5-star review

“She wasn’t afraid of him. She had a smart mouth, sassy as hell, but no sense of self-preservation at all. He was going to have to change that.”

If you like broken bossy badass bikers with a side of paranormal, then Annihilation Road will rock your world. It did mine. I’m still processing, my mind whirling with everything that happened and what’s still to come. I can’t get enough of this series.

Each book in the Torpedo Ink series features a different member, but the club business is ongoing and the danger and suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat from book to book. This one focuses on Savage… and he is… savage. I knew it would take a special woman to see beyond his brokenness, and Seychelle is definitely that.

I love how the author creates such unique characters with different gifts that somehow work together in ways you wouldn’t imagine. Thank goodness for talented word wizards with the imagination that I’m lacking. You make my world go round. Thank you. I’m so excited to see where the next ROAD takes me. The line forms here…

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