Back to You (The Road Back Home, #1) by Nicole Dykes

Title: Back to You

Series: The Road Back Home, #1

Author: Nicole Dykes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 27, 2018


The things we go through in our youth can either leave you broken or toughen you up.

In some cases, it does both.

What would you do for love? How far would you go to make sure you and the one you love most don’t end up on a path leading to nowhere?

When Maddison James is faced with a heartbreaking decision, love is tested, betrayal is imminent, and two brothers will never be the same.


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“I love this man, but I can never love this place he loves.”

Just wow. Nicole Dykes is a new-to-me author and after reading the synopsis for Back to You I couldn’t resist venturing into The Road Back Home series. What really ripped my heart out was the ‘road away from home’ and the events that led up to it.

The author introduced me to the characters using multiple POV. I was inside their heads and understood how things ended up so fucked up and it killed me that I couldn’t just do some #KindleKounseling and fix all their problems. I had to suffer through right along with them as their journey progressed and it pulled my heartstrings so tight they were in danger of breaking. There is “Anger, disappointment, resentment, betrayal, lust, need, love.” And there is loss. When Maddison made her very difficult decision she left a trail of pain in her wake, and she took plenty with her as well.

I got so caught up in the lives of these characters that I read the story straight through without stopping. By the time I turned the last page I was very glad to know this was a series and it wouldn’t be the end, I would get to spend more time with them in future installments. Don’t worry, it’s not a cliffhanger, but I want more and I’m glad I’ll get it. The line forms here…




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