Bullseye (The Monsters Within Duet, #1) by Monica James

Title: Bullseye

Series: The Monsters Within Duet, #1

Author: Monica James

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 20, 2020


For twelve long years, I’ve breathed, I’ve bled for only one thing…


Four men took something from me, something which can never be replaced. That one night changed the lives of so many and taught me that monsters are real.

But I also learned I’m the biggest monster of them all.

Nothing and no one will stand in my way of redemption because those men…they’re now three. The fourth—he is the reason they call me Bullseye. They can run, but sooner or later, I’ll find them, just as I did with their friend. They’re already dead…they just don’t know it yet.

My plan was simple until I met her. A fierce tiger who had the power to break my heart. Lucky for me…she can’t break what’s already broken. I am no longer a man because the world is a jungle, and we’re all just animals—ready to tear one another apart.


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Gahhhh I loved Bullseye!!!!

I am DYING to get my hands on book 2!!!!

I just finished a few hours ago and I can not stop thinking about Bull. Even though he was soo angsty (which is my fav) He has stolen my heart!!!

I was sucked in from….well actually the cover, lol and then fell in LOVE with everything about this book!!! Dang Monica James you knocked this book right out of the park with a home run in my mind!!! All the twists and turns, all the HAWTNESS I didn’t want to put it down!!!

I think this is my 4th book I have read of yours now and you definitely have a new stalker…haha

BTW-my kindle addr is………haha would love an ARC of Blowback cuz I am impatient!!!! lol xoxo




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