Dirty Girls by Lily White

Title: Dirty Girls

Author: Lily White

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

Release Date: January 29, 2020


They were the boys any good girl knew to avoid.

Rich and privileged.
Gorgeous and cruel.
The poster boys for rebellion…their tongues so sharp they cut to the bone.

We worshipped them despite their dangerous games.
We laughed even as we cried.

It was all fun and games until the first dirty girl died.

Now, as the bodies pile up, I believe I can endure their wicked ways. Only time will tell if I’ll escape.

Because when wealthy boys are accustomed to getting everything they want, not even the lives of those around them are too high an asking price.

5 iScream Cones


Gahhh I was soo excited to see this book on my kindle…I might have even screamed a bit!!! lol

“I knew much of the story of Teagan’s death, I hadn’t yet learned all the intimate details.”

Y’all, I have been reading Lily’s books foreverrr and I love stalking her and waiting on my next dark read from her…she is one of my very fav “dark writer authors” and she is always a one click author for me for sure….

Nooo peaking at the synopsis for sure cuzzzz you have to go in blind….it’s the best possible way to go especially for White’s books….

The keep you on the edge of your seat value!!
The pscho page turning you do while reading her books is an absolute must for going in blind!!

Eeeep…I can’t want for y’all to read Dirty girls…only a few short days and you will get your hands on this next 5 star read!!! Ohhh and what a lovely “dark” cover for this book!!! It’s perfect!!!

Thank you for writing Lily White and I am sooo glad to see you back in your dark little writing cave!!! lol





Author : Rosa & Tricia

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