Driving Him Wild (The Mortimers: Wealthy & Wicked, #4) by Zara Cox


Title: Driving Him Wild

Series: The Mortimers: Wealthy & Wicked, #4

Author: Zara Cox

Publisher: Harlequin Dare

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 1, 2020


From international bestselling author Zara Cox comes the scorching fourth book in The Mortimers: Wealthy & Wicked series.

Photographer Jensen Scott is convinced his subject is just a pampered princess with a cold heart…but this ice queen is prepared to indulge his wildest desires!

Graciela Mortimer’s reputation precedes her: she’s rich, entitled and far too beautiful, exactly like the woman who broke my heart. But here on a snowy Alaskan photoshoot in the wilderness, I’m starting to think she’s not what I first thought. In fact, she might just be the wake-up call I need.

After Graciela sends away her entourage in favor of an intimate one-on-one shoot with yours truly, a vicious blizzard sweeps through our camp and catches us unprepared. We’re forced to retreat to our cabin, with only each other for company. Perhaps Graciela could make me trust again…but will she let me in long enough to thaw her heart?

Harlequin DARE publishes sexy romances featuring powerful alpha males and bold, fearless women exploring their deepest fantasies.

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5 iScream Cones

“It pleased me that he was fighting this connection between us. And failing. The man couldn’t help but look at me every few minutes.”

Zara Cox did it again. She swept me away, keeping me immersed in a world that I could only visit in her imagination. I discovered her work by accident, a book title that intrigued me to take a chance. A journey, once experienced, would keep me coming back, again and again. If she writes it…I’ll read it.

The synopsis got my attention, but after reading the story I see that it was just a taste, the appetizer. The main course was unexpected and too delicious to describe. Not that I would do that. You need to experience that adventure for yourselves. Trust me, her Driving Him Wild is guaranteed to drive you wild too! But, just to be nice I’ll give you one little treat. Here ya go, “Talk dirty Danish to me.” Yeah, sexy, right? I can’t understand it, but I felt it. 😉

I enjoyed the hell out of this story and I’m looking forward to wherever the author’s creative genius takes me next. The line forms here…






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