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Embrace Me by J. Kenner

Series: Stark Ever After, #7

Genres: Billionaire, Contemporary Romance, Saga

Release Date: March 30, 2021


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“I never ever want to say goodbye to the Stark world! And I hope I never have to…” BJ’s Book Blog

Growing up, I never expected to have so much love in my life. My childhood had been a nightmare, but despite our challenges, my life now with Damien and our daughters is nothing short of miraculous. Even better, we have a baby boy on the way, and I’m walking on clouds as I await the big day.

These final weeks should be magical, but when my mother appears on our doorstep with a promise that she has changed and a plea for us to welcome her back into our life, I’m suddenly adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Now, I’m floundering once again, tossed back into the nightmare of my past. And as the whirlpool of memories and fear once again tries to suck me under, I can only hope that Damien’s strength is enough to pull me back again.




Embrace Me by J. Kenner

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“He and Nikki knew better than anyone that family was about where you found it. Not about blood.”

There’s no such thing as enough Damien and Nikki, right? Their love story has withstood the test of time and is still going strong. It’s not just maintaining, it’s growing. Yup, there’s gonna be a baby boy Stark. Another addition to their family. The beautiful and loving family that has grown one person at a time into what it is now. It’s not about the blood, it’s about the love.

My heart breaks for Nikki as she is faced with the unexpected presence of her mother at a time when she’s dealing with hormones and the future of her growing family. She had a horrible childhood. But like so many children raised in dysfunctional homes, hope is eternal. Should she close the door on that hope or give her mother another chance?

This Stark novella is like a chocolate kiss. Sweet and delicious. It melts in your mouth and satisfies, but still leaves you wanting more. And that’s what I want… more. I can’t wait to get my hands on Enchant Me. The line forms here…

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