Escape (Blackstone, #2) by J.L. Drake

Title: Escape

Series: Blackstone, #2

Author: J.L. Drake

Genres: Military, Romantic Suspense, #2ndChance

Release Date: June 21, 2016


One decision will haunt Blackstone soldier Keith for a lifetime… 

Keith left behind the feisty love of his life, Lexi Klein, ten years ago when he chose to become a soldier and leave for Iraq, but after a tragedy struck Lexi’s family and Keith couldn’t come home, she felt abandoned. When Keith finally managed to make it back to Boston, Lexi had completely withdrawn from everyone, including him. She decides to end their relationship and move on. 

Lexi has always owned Keith’s heart. He just didn’t know how much… 

Keith returns to Boston years later for a wedding and finds out Lexi is dating the leader of the infamous Almas Perdidas Gang. Lexi is in over her head, and Keith will stop at nothing to keep her safe. Having never recovered from her broken heart, Lexi wants no part of his grand savior routine. She made her choice, and she has her own reasons to stick to her guns about it. 

Keith fights to regain Lexi’s trust, but old wounds are slow to heal… 

After Lexi is beaten for not following gang rules, Keith decides to take her on a trip to convince her once and for all to let him back in. But Lexi is holding on to one last secret, and it will change everything. Happiness comes at a price, and once the front Lexi put up comes crashing down, that price will be paid in blood. 

Keith must make a decision. Does his loyalty lie with the military? Or with the woman he loves? Or has too much time and history been lost for them to make one…final… 



5 iScream Cones

“I love you Keith. Always have, always will. But sometimes that’s not enough.”

I’ve been dying to get a closer look into Keith’s life and see what’s had him all tied up in knots. Now that I’ve read Escape, I adore him even more. The author took me back in time and showed me how he met the love of his life… and then lost her.

It was like standing on the railroad tracks and seeing the big bright light of the train heading toward you. I read the synopsis, so I knew what was coming, and there was no way I could stop it from happening. Keith and Lexi were so young, so in love, so perfect for each other. But, when her life was turned upside down and Keith wasn’t there for her she couldn’t get over it. She felt betrayed. Let down. Devastated and abandoned.

Keith thought she would be there waiting for him with open arms when he finally made it back home after being deployed. He soon discovered…she wasn’t. If he could turn back time would he make a different choice? Now, years later when he still can’t get over her. Nobody measures up to the Lexi in his memories, but that Lexi no longer exists. Can he accept the new version of her? If so, can he convince her to give him another chance?

Be still my broken heart…sigh. 💔 Being inside Keith’s head was a painful place to be, I suffered with him as he struggled with a past he couldn’t change. And what an adrenaline rush when I joined him on his dangerous missions. What an exciting adventure the author took me on in this story. I’m even more addicted to the Blackstone family if that’s even possible. I’m hoping the family continues to grow and the series never ends. I can’t wait for Freedom! The line forms here…




Author : Rosa & Tricia

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