Fallen Princess (Wind Dragons MC, #7) by Chantal Fernando

Title: Fallen Princess

Series: Wind Dragons MC, #7

Author: Chantal Fernando

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: April 8, 2019


From the New York Times bestselling author who “knows how to draw you in and keep you hooked” (Angela Graham, New York Times bestselling author) comes a compelling tale of family loyalty and budding romance starring the badass Clover Black as she is forced to choose between following her heart or keeping her family safe. 

Growing up as the Princess of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, Clover Black knows she’s had a thoroughly unique upbringing. As the daughter of the former President of the club, she’s expected to live a certain kind of life but she does the unthinkable…she goes to the police academy and becomes a cop. Without her family knowing.

After being assigned a new partner, the handsome Felix Banks, a friendship blossoms, but as Felix teaches her how to be a better cop, she finds herself falling for him, all while, struggling to keep her two lives separate. Tensions rise when the truth comes out and it becomes clear that Clover is being used for her motorcycle club ties.

As things heat up within the MC and at Clover’s job, she faces a difficult choice—her love for Felix and the law, or her family and the Wind Dragons. A steamy and unputdownable romance, Fallen Princess is perfect “for fans of Kristin Ashley, Julie Ann Walker, and Joanna Wylde, and those who are heartbroken that television’s Sons of Anarchy has ended” (Booklist).


5 iScream Cones

“You know you grow up with bikers when being a police officer is the ‘dark side’.”

I’ve been a fan of the Wind Dragons MC series for a while and was very excited to read Fallen Princess. The synopsis was a big tease and I’ve been so intrigued by the idea of a biker princess becoming a cop behind her family’s back. Especially since I already met and love said family. That revelation was a disaster waiting to happen and I couldn’t wait to witness it.

Clover being all grown up really makes me feel old. But that didn’t keep me from enjoying all the sexy times between her and Felix. I also enjoyed the time she spent with her besties. The witty banter between characters is one of my favorite things when reading a Chantal Fernando book. Her dialogue is so smooth I feel like I’m in the same room with the characters and always seem to embarrass myself by laughing out loud in public.

Another thing I enjoyed is the suspense. I kept waiting for badass Clover to show the police department how it’s done. I knew with her being a woman she was sure to get picked on and I couldn’t wait for her to show them up. What better training could she have ever received than being raised with a bunch of caveman bikers, right?

And when the shit hits the fan, what’s better than having a biker family to back you up? Nothing. Yeah, I knew they would be pissed when they found out what she’d done behind their backs. And yes, I was worried right along with her as she procrastinated about spilling the beans. But, I never doubted they’d love her unconditionally. It’s Felix I wasn’t so sure about. Bringing your #HotCop boyfriend home to the clubhouse is not on the acceptable behavior for biker princess to-do list. Nope, it’s how you end up the discussion topic in the ‘WDMC Chat Group’. Wouldn’t you love to stalk that group? I sure would!




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