Have Mercy by N.E. Henderson

Title: Have Mercy

Author: N.E. Henderson

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Release Date: May 2, 2019


I never saw it coming. 

It’s hard to get over that kind of betrayal. It leaves a mark on the heart. A slow bleed that never goes away. She was my girl. We were supposed to be partners. She was going to be the mother of my children down the road. The only girl to warm my bed. She was my forever girl. 

Until she ran away. 

I thought she felt the same. But if she did she wouldn’t have ditched me like I didn’t matter. All the plans we made meant nothing to her. She disappeared without so much as a goodbye. Those cuts are the deepest. A gaping hole that can’t be sealed. I could’ve stomached anything else—a meaningless one-night stand, drifting apart, vanishing love. But abandonment is a deadly strike that can’t be forgotten. It sticks with you forever. 

Three months later she showed up, expecting me to welcome her back with open arms. Excuses, lies, not even her crying eyes could make me believe the manipulative bullshit coming out of her mouth. For months I felt like I was burning alive. She shattered my heart and stole my soul.  

I moved on. 

Now, eighteen years later, a nightmare unfolds. Every detail makes my stomach churn. Lies come to the light. The truth is uncovered. And the people I thought I knew become strangers. The heartbreak I felt was only a scratch compared to the sliced open heart in my chest.  

Winning her back seems like an impossible feat. She may never forgive me, because the thing about mercy—you have to give to receive. 

***Have Mercy is a 107K word standalone, second chance love story.*** 


5 iScream Cones

“The heart doesn’t play fair. It doesn’t see logic, or what’s good or bad for you.”

Have Mercy was my introduction to N.E. Henderson. After reading the synopsis I was beyond intrigued and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I must say, I was not disappointed and the author has a new fan.

This story is a mind-bender for sure. Whatever you go in expecting, that’s not what you’re going to get. You’ll get so much more. This story challenged me. It made me think outside the box and forced me to put myself into the minds and hearts of the characters. I wanted to rage and refuse to forgive. I wanted to grab my shovel and solve everyone’s problems, at least the biggest one. I wanted to rewind the clock and spare them the pain they suffered. I wanted to yell secrets that were divulged to me through the multiple POV’s, but they were trapped in a vault that I couldn’t pry open.

As I experienced the events that took place in the lives of the characters written with alternating past/present chapters I became so invested that my heart hurt. Sometimes I saw the result before I went back for clarification, and other times I saw it coming and wanted to cover my eyes. As I write this review everything is still playing through my mind on a reel like an old-school movie, I can hear the static and see the jittering screen on the wall. This one will stick with me for a while. Well done, N.E. Henderson, prepare to be stalked. The line forms here…




Author : Rosa & Tricia

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