Mr. Hook-up by Marni Mann




They’ve made the ideal connection on a hot new no-strings hook-up app. But their hearts have other plans in an unpredictable and wildly sexy romance by a USA Today bestselling author.

Hooked. An app designed for the ideal one-night stand is the brainchild of Harvard graduate students Easton Jones and his two best friends. When Easton creates his Hooked profile, he gets a 100 percent perfect match.

Who is this sure thing? Her username is Love.

Their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive, and just when Easton begins falling for her, she disconnects from the app and disappears.

Five years later, Hooked is now the number one dating app in the country.

But that’s not the only thing on fire.

Easton’s brilliant, gorgeous new recruit, Drake Madden, has ignited a desire he hasn’t experienced in years. Professionally and personally, they’re sizzling.

Just as things really start getting serious, Love resurfaces. She wants a chance to explain, and she’s sending Easton’s heart into rewind.

He has a loving woman in the flesh and a fantasy from his past—Easton’s world is about to be rocked.

And rocked hard.






Y’all.. this book will make you BLUSH!!!!

I tell you…Marni brought that heat once again, and Lawd, I was here for it!!! Lol

Mr Hook-up was such a fun read. Made me think of how all these dating apps probably started.

It was fun to think about and be one of the creators of the app. I bet it was really hard to decide if you want to use it or not? None of the creators thought they could ever be a perfect match!! Lol

But then Easton came across Drake… 100% match, well her user name was Love..and these two were one for the books. ❤️

Gahhh, I loved their chemistry and the banter…*SWOON* I could not get enough! Even after Love disappeared off the app for 5 years. Your left yearning for these 2 to find each other again. Lol. But do they????

5 swipe left or right, stars!!!

Thank you for writing, Mani….I just love your words, lady!!!!




Author : Rosa & Tricia

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