My Cruel Salvation by J. Kenner


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My Cruel Salvation by J. Kenner

Series: Fallen Saint, #3

Genres: Military, Billionaire, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: May 18, 2021


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Don’t miss the final exciting and romantic chapter in Devlin and Ellie’s love story.

He’ll keep her safe, no matter the price.

Investigative reporter Ellie Holmes has uncovered billionaire Devlin Saint’s dark and dangerous secrets, and he has both stripped away her protective armor and tamed the wildness within her. Bound by a shared past and the hope of a blissful future, they grow even closer, each exposing more of themselves as their love deepens.

But now that Devlin’s true identity has been publicly revealed, old enemies appear, intent on destroying Devlin. And while he vows to enlist all of his resources to protect her, Ellie soon realizes that the only way to save them both is to take the last, final step to fully join Devlin in the dark.




My Cruel Salvation by J. Kenner

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“Dangerous. The word bursts into my head, co0loring my emotions. He’s the danger I’ve been courting all my life.”

Wow! What a way to NOT ease into a nice, sweet ride off into the sunset happily ever after. This story is the true definition of romantic suspense. There’s love and there’s WTF? I loved every twist and turn, every hill and valley, and most especially every surprise that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Devlin is a broken badass. My favorite kind of character. His past and his pain and his scars make him the man he is. He’s got so many secrets and so many reasons not to risk love. He’s not afraid for himself. He’s afraid of the danger that keeping her in his life will put her in. But neither wants to go back to the hell of being without each other.

And let me tell you, I don’t want that either. Devlin and Ellie are FIRE 🔥 together. You might want to wear an oven mitt to protect your hands because your Kindle might melt when you read the sexy times these two get up to.

I hope it’s not a secret (if so, oops!) but I’m very happy to report that though this story is complete, there are some awesome support characters that you are going to be thrilled to spend more time with in a later book. I can’t wait to learn Ronan’s backstory. The line forms here…

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