Reputation by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Title: Reputation

Author: Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Genres: New Adult & College, #MusicLoverAlert,


Release Date: August 13, 2018


From International Bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp… 

Small-town girl. America’s Sweetheart. 
The biggest popstar in the world.
It began with one guy and then the next. 
Until my reputation preceded me. 
Yes, I dated them – all of them. 
Yes, I also broke up with them.. All of them.
Was it too much? The world said yes. Too many, too quickly.
And my star began to flicker.
The world knew nothing about my life and yet, their judgement weighed on me like stone.
My reputation was falling faster than a shooting star and the only way to save it was with the boy who never wanted me.
Zach Parker was a singer, songwriter, and sexy as sin. 
To him, I was just the neighbor’s little sister. 
A pest that had grown into a famous annoyance.
Zach Parker wanted nothing to do with me. 
But he could be tempted – with a stepping stone to fame, that is.
The plan was simple: Childhood Sweethearts Fall in Love on US Tour.
The plan was to let them see what they wanted to see: our ‘romance’ blossom right in front of their eyes.
A romance that Zach had made painfully clear to me years ago would never exist.
I’m told that it was the only thing that could repair my image.
So, every night I’ll stand on that stage and give Zach my heart piece by piece, note by note.
We’ll give them a show they’ll never forget – and a love story that I may not survive.
Because who cares that in order to put my reputation back together, I’ll have to tear my heart apart?


5 iScream Cones

“I’d loved Zach Parker with every fiber of my eight-year-old body, and every cell that had grown in it since only magnified the obsession.”

For someone who has read thousands of books, I’m pretty stingy about calling a book a ‘favorite’. As readers, we all have certain things that tick our favorite boxes, right? Well, music is a favorite theme for me so I’m especially drawn to those stories. Rebecca Sharp is a fairly new-to-me author but she’s blown me away every time I’ve opened one of her books. I’m especially drawn to broken characters and she writes those so beautifully. So, even knowing all of those things, I was still surprised by how much I loved Reputation. It’s…everything.

Yeah, I kinda like (understatement) reading song lyrics in a story. Especially when those lyrics involve a broken heart. 💔 Aren’t they always the best? Well, as you probably already guessed, that’s where the magic happens, the pain pulls you in by making you feel something close to your own experiences. There’s nothing like waving your pain in front of thousands to make you a star, right? Those lyrics were her therapy. Those men that followed were her attempt at finding someone who comes even remotely close to what she wants but can’t have.

I have to confess, I hated Zach for the way he treated his best friend’s little sister. At least the version of him that developed once he knew she had a crush on him. I guess he figured the best way to change her mind was to make her hate him… it worked for me, but for her…not so much

The author took me on a journey from a treehouse to a concert stage. From a crush to a broken heart. From wanting to willing to wishing to without. I felt her pain and questioned right along with her. “Was saving my reputation worth the open and public dissection of my my heart?

Of course, my matchmaking self had their fairytale all planned out in my head. Could I handle it if that wasn’t how it happened? It was too late for me to change my mind at this point, I’d gone too far and was too invested in their future, good or bad.

Let me tell you, for someone who pushed her away at every opportunity, even I could see the lust in his eyes when he looked at her. His lips kept saying no, but his eyes said hell yeah! Or, was he just that good of an actor? Could she handle another rejection? Could I?

“My clothes clung to every length and curve; I wanted to remind him what a mistake I was.” Yeah, you go girl! I encouraged her. What can I say but ‘go big or go home’. This is her heart and her future at stake and no matter how hard she tries to change its mind, her heart wants only him. “I was a wreck and he was the wrecking ball.”

Now I’m the hot mess! I have a book hangover. I’ve gone from cold to hot to melting into a puddle on the floor. I’ve smiled and sighed and ranted and raged. I’ve experienced every emotion in existence while reading this amazing story. It was so damn good I want to read it again. I can’t wait to get my hands on Redemption. The line forms here…




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