Rigger’s Mistake by Misty Walker



From USA Today bestselling author Misty Walker comes a dark stepbrother MC romance.

I spent the first sixteen years of my life being told I was nothing, and I would’ve kept believing it if she hadn’t come around.

We were a family, and for two whole years, it was us against the world. I kept her safe from the devil, and she kept a hold on my will to live.

Then the day came when I had to leave her behind. It nearly killed me, and I’m sure she still hates me for it, but I had no choice. The devil demanded it.

Armed with the confidence she gave me, I started a new life. Thirteen years later, I’m the VP of the Sons of Erebus, launching a luxury brothel that’ll make my club some serious coin and give us the future we deserve.

I never forgot her, but I didn’t go looking either.

And I sure as hell never expected to see her walking through the doors at The Honey Pot Ranch looking for a job. But when our eyes meet, I know.

It’s her.

The little girl from my past is all grown up. Her mile-long legs, blonde hair, and skimpy outfit clinging to her tight body have me feeling things I shouldn’t.

When I realize why she’s here, fury burns through me.

My stepsister will not be spreading her legs for anyone but me.

*This is a dark stepbrother romance with dual POVs and told in first person. All books in the Sons of Erebus series stand alone but are best read in order. Please check C.W.s on author’s website.




Walker’s newest book, Rigger’s Mistake!!!

Y’all, I was a huge SOA fan, and reading this book made me feel those feelings all over again. I freaking loved reading this book!!!

It was Ahhhhmazzzing Misty!!!

I loved Rigger… he was everything you wanted in your MC book!! That bad a**’ness to the max, haha

This is a dark stepbrother romance book..Rigger kept her protected for many years until he had to get out… years later she shows up in a very unexpected place…His clubs luxary brothel and he ain’t having it. But he hasn’t been around in years, and he can’t tell her what to do anymore. So it was on, and now you have read the book to find out what happens. lol Just know there is lots of action and crazyness that goes down. Read those trigger warnings on the authors website, and if you’re good, then go one click ASAP!!!

5 “I didn’t want this book to end” Stars!!!!




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