Saint (Knights of Fury MC, #1) by Chantal Fernando

Title: Saint

Series: Knights of Fury, #1

Author: Chantal Fernando

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: July 1, 2019


From the New York Times bestselling author of the Wind Dragons and Cursed Ravens MC series comes sinners, saints and secrets… 

Dear Skylar,

Five years. That’s a long time to go without talking to somebody, especially someone who was such a huge part of your life…

A letter from my first kiss and my childhood everything…from prison.

He may be nicknamed Saint, but this sweet, sexy biker most definitely has a wild streak. Hearing from him draws me right back into the Knights of Fury motorcycle club—the people I’ll always think of as family.

He’s still the only man I’ve ever wanted.

Each good, old-fashioned letter from my “prison pen pal” has my heart racing. Which is nothing compared to how I feel when Saint surprises me in person, as a free man.

I was just a kid the last time we saw each other, but the connection between us now is anything but innocent.

He’s the type of man who would do anything to protect his woman. And with my world crashing down around me, that’s exactly what I’m going to need.

This book is approximately 67,000 words


4 iScream Cones

“Blood isn’t everything—loyalty is.”

I couldn’t resist getting a taste of the first book in the new Knights of Fury MC series by Chantal Fernando. I think the first is always the hardest for an author because she has to lay the groundwork and introduce the characters for the first time. And I have to say she did a great job in that area. I already feel connected to the club family and my heartstrings were pulled past comfortable in the telling of this tale.

Skylar is a very likable character, she’s sassy and sweet. But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a broken heart. Raised like a club princess during her younger years, she has a close relationship with her biker family… until she doesn’t.

It was exciting to read Saint’s letters from prison as I anticipated their eventual reunion. I fell for him right along with Skylar as a young girl experiencing her first crush. But, he was older than her, so they could never be more than friends… then. Along with her, I wanted answers about the past. And, I wanted them to finally act on the feelings they had for each other.

Did I mention that there is also a character that I hate so much I wished for a voodoo doll to torture? Just wait, you’ll be joining me at my Kindle throwing party soon. Just make sure it’s enclosed in a kiddie case to protect it so you can get to the end of the story, you won’t want to miss that, trust me.

One of my favorite things about a Chantal Fernando book is the character relationships and witty banter. I’m already feeling attached to the club family and looking forward to spending more time with them. The line forms here…




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