Sinful Enemy by M. Robinson




From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes an enemies to lover, surprise baby, standalone romance.

She’s my best friend’s twin sister and off-limits. We grew up together, but she wanted to escape the small-town life and was headed to New York City to chase her dreams.

The night before she leaves, I find her waiting for me in my bed. Telling me to give her something to come home to.

I can’t.

Instead, I kicked her out of my life, instantly making us enemies.

Ten years later, we run into each other while I’m in NYC on business for my ranch, and that night changes everything between us. Not just because I’m determined to right my wrongs, but because she just showed up on my front door three months later…

Pregnant with my baby.



“The first time I realized I was in love with my twin brother’s best friend Ledger, I was nine years old.”

And this was the beginning of Georgia’s troubles.

She loved this boy, but he was off limits due to being her twin brothers best friend. But through the years and one drunken night, Georgia just couldn’t stay away from Ledger any longer. She wanted him to take away her virginity and hopefully not have any regrets!!!

But wait, you’re reading an M Robinson book.. silly, her books are full of angsty regrets, smoken hot sexy time, and lots of push and pull. Robinson makes you work for that HEA, but she definitely gives it to you in the end, in a nice beautiful bow!!!

It makes me swoon every time I finish one of her books!!!

So get ready for another 5 Star page turner by M. Robinson!!

P.S….Ohhh, and make sure you stop and enjoy this book cover, Y’all.. goodness, he is so yummy!!! 🔥🔥🔥









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