Sing to Me (On Tour, #1/Rock Me #3) by Lee Piper

Title: Sing to Me

Series: On Tour, #1/Rock Me #3

Author: Lee Piper

Genre: Rockstar Romance

Release Date: July 10, 2019


Never trust bad boy rockers.
They lie.
They cheat.
They grasp with one hand and push away with the other.
I’m done.
He’s not.
And when we collide, this time his heart will be on the line… because I’m not risking mine. 

**SING TO ME is book one in the ON TOUR duet, set in the same world as ROCK ME. However, you do not need to have devoured the ROCK ME series in order to feast on this scorching hot story.


5 iScream Cones

“A flicker of hope whispers a silent prayer that he’s the man brave enough to take my broken pieces, hold them up to the light, and call the jagged edges beautiful.”

Where the hell have I been? How did I miss reading this author’s work before now? I can’t find the words to tell you how much I loved her writing in Sing to Me. I’m going full-on #FanGirl moving forward so she better prepare to be stalked, I won’t risk missing out in the future.

Yeah, if you follow my reviews, then you already know I’m a rock star romance addict. I can’t get enough and I’m always excited to find new authors/dealers to feed my habit. This taste of the Rock Me series has me wanting to go back and start at the beginning, it’s sooo good!

I especially loved being on tour and getting a taste of all the work involved in making the magic happen on stage. And, I guess meeting the extremely sexy bad-boy rocker, Drake, was a perk too. Did I mention that he wears size 13 shoes? “My gaze darts to the black worn Converse high tops in front of me. Yep, his feet are huge. Damn, that means…”

The truth is, there isn’t a single word I didn’t enjoy thoroughly. I devoured this book from beginning to end in one sitting, there were probably sparks flying I turned the pages so fast. I just couldn’t get enough and I almost cried when I tried to turn another page and there weren’t any more to be turned. Trust me, I tried several times. I’m so stoked to get my grabby hands on the next installment of the On Tour duet. The line forms here…




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