Sweet Regret by K. Bromberg




From New York Times Bestselling author, K. Bromberg comes a second chance, rockstar romance that will stick with you long after you’ve turned the last page . . .

Vince Jennings has had two loves in his life. Music and Bristol Matthews.

His guitar skills catapult him to stardom with the most popular rock band on earth.

But it takes walking away from Bristol—his first love—to make this happen.

Despite the groupies, the success, the fun, life under the bright glare of fame and fortune isn’t enough.

Deep, dark pain threatens to derail all he’s worked for, until fate brings her back into his life.


Bristol Matthews has found and lost love earlier in life than most, but she is determined to keep moving forward and not look backwards.

Even though she is reminded of him every day.

Now, her long-held dream of becoming a lawyer is finally within her grasp. Until her boss assigns her a new client. The famous rock star Vince Jennings.

A man who can never know her truth.

A man who can see through her as if he still knows her.

The man who still loves her.

Something is different when their paths cross this time. Both are holding tightly to secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Isn’t that always how their story has gone?

Will this time around be different or no matter how true their love, is it just not meant to be?

*You met rock star Vince Jennings as Hawkin Play’s best friend and band mate in the book Sweet Ache. Now get ready to fall head over heels in love with him in his own standalone, second chance, rock star, secret baby romance.



Rocker book… why yessss please, sign me up!!! 🎸❤️ 🎶

Kristy Bromberg..girllll… you have won my heart over once again.


I did not want out to end!!!

That first Kiss
The Passion
The Chase
Those stolen kisses
Those one-liners.
And so, so much more.. (I don’t want to ruin it for others, so i will stop there lol).. All that above gave me those butterflies and goosebumps upon goosebumps while reading Sweet Regret!!

This book has been added to my favorite read of 2023!!!

Vince and Bristol were young love..Vince left her behind, and then 7 years later, their paths crossed again. Vince is now a big rock star, and Bristol is now a lawyer. She is pushed into being in his documentary, and now all those feelings come back. Secrets from their paths are being hidden, and both are trying to keep it that way. So man… like I said above, I didn’t want it to end… It’s such an amazing read.

5 Rocker Stars from me!!!!



Author : Rosa & Tricia

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