Tattooed Hearts (Tattooed Duet, #1) by Sabrina Wagner

Title: Tattooed Hearts

Series: Tattooed Duet, #1

Author: Sabrina Wagner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 18, 2018


Forbidden… that’s what Clarissa Lynne Black was. 
People do desperate things in desperate times. Sleeping with my brother’s fiancé wasn’t supposed to be one of them. Especially on the day of his funeral. 
It should have been a one-time thing. 

Something that shouldn’t have happened at all. 
Something I walked away from, but I couldn’t let go. 
Once I heard her sing I was a goner. She was like a siren, calling to me with her sultry voice and stunning beauty. 

So, I took her home. 

I gave her everything a woman could want. I made it my mission to win her heart. Zack Kincaid, was no quitter. 

I should have known from the beginning she wasn’t mine to keep, but damn if I didn’t want her. And I definitely shouldn’t have fallen in love with her, because you can’t keep what was never yours to begin with. 


I had used Zack for my own selfish reasons. To ease the loneliness. To erase, if only for a few hours, the sadness that filled me. 

Sleeping with him had been wrong. But if something was so wrong, why did it have to feel so right? 

I figured we’d call it an indiscretion and go our separate ways. No one would be the wiser. But then he offered me something no one else could… a fresh start. 

After having my world crash down around me and finding myself homeless, I needed it desperately. So, I traveled halfway across the country with Zack and left behind the last three years of my life. 

There were things he didn’t know about me. Things I should have told him before we slept together. 

Now, I felt like it was too late. I had spun a tangled web I wasn’t sure I would be able to escape. But, instead of being the spider, I was the fly. 



5 iScream Cones

“Everyone that I’ve ever loved has left me and each one of them has left permanent scars on my heart. So, although you can’t see them, I do have tattoos. I have a tattoed heart.”

I’m on a roll this month, trying new-to-me authors. The title and synopsis of this book intrigued me…forbidden…I heard her sing…a tangled web. Yup, I was too curious to pass it up and I’m so glad that I gave it a chance. I’ll be adding this author to my #2Bstalked list.

Things moved very quickly at the beginning and I had steam coming out of my ears and my Kindle was in danger of being thrown against the wall almost immediately once I learned why Rissa was facing homelessness. She struggled with the decision, but really, when faced with a choice between sexy Zack and being homeless, what would you do? Yup, no hesitation there. Zack, please.

Zack was her knight in tattooed and pierced armor. He showed up right when she needed him the most and swept in to make her problems disappear, at least temporarily. She didn’t mean to deceive him. Things were just so out of control that everything happened before she could gather her wits and make smart choices. She was riding a wave of pain and loss and helplessness. He offered comfort in her time of crisis. She would worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

Tomorrow came all too soon and the secret she was hiding stressed me out as much as it did her. Being inside her head turned me into a nervous wreck as I kept expecting everything to blow up with each page turn. As she fell for Zack, so did I. Then I worried even more.

I’m a music lover and I really loved that aspect of this story. Not only the character’s talent but the interactive links that allowed me to click and listen. The series is a duet so I knew going in that book one would not give me closure, and of course, it ends on a cliffhanger. We’ll have to read Tattooed Souls to get our answers. The line forms here…




Author : Rosa & Tricia

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