Tempt My Trouble (Knights of Mayhem, #1) by K.A. Ware

Title: Tempt My Trouble

Series: Knights of Mayhem, #1

Author: K.A. Ware

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: January 21, 2019


I never understood the lengths some men go to for a woman. 
Until I met her. 

I make deals in the shadows. 
She stands in the spotlight. 

Violence is my currency. 
Her skin pays her way. 

I’d die for my club. 
She’s running from hers. 

I want her body. 
She wants my protection. 

She’s a goddess in leather and lace, but getting close to her is like playing with an open flame. 

Together we’ll see how far we can push our luck until the fire gets too hot and we all burn.


5 iScream Cones

“I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling it. He was right there with me. It was going to end in flames and utter destruction, I was sure of it, but I’d enjoy the hell out of the ride while it lasted.”

Tempt My Trouble was my introduction to K.A. Ware and I find myself wondering how the hell I missed her before now. I’m addicted to MC Romance so I was thrilled to discover that the Knights of Mayhem are a motorcycle club. I met so many amazing characters while reading this story which makes me very excited about future installments. The author has a new fan and I plan to commence stalking immediately.

The story is told in dual POV and I must say that I felt like I needed to wear a helmet for protection for the ride she took me on. So much pain and passion. I was pulled into the suspense, totally invested and worrying about the characters that I’d mentally bonded with. Being inside their heads had me experiencing everything right along with them and I was tempted to hold out my cup for a shot of Patrón to get me through what was coming.

When he looked at her with those green eyes I felt the power of his gaze through my Kindle…sigh. “It felt like he saw right past my walls and directly into the fucked-up mess of pain and secrets where my heart used to belong.”

Knowing the secret that she was keeping from him and anticipating his reaction when it was finally revealed kept me on the edge. One minute I wanted her to hurry up and tell him and get it over with and the next I was right there with her, afraid of the consequences. We were a hot mess together and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m looking forward to more. The line forms here…




Author : Rosa & Tricia

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