Tempting Enemy by M. Robinson



From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes an
enemies to lovers, forbidden standalone romance.

Look but don’t touch…

From the night she showed up at my bar with a fake ID, I kicked her out. On her birthday, the following week, she showed up again. Except this time, she was demanding a job. Willing to do whatever it took to get it.

Against my better judgment, she got her, but I’m not going to make it easy on her. Neither are the guys at my bar.

I have two choices: Pretend she’s mine to protect her. Or deal with the consequences when her five older, overprotective brothers find out what their little sister is up to.

Either way…

It’s going to be hell on me.

Because I can’t stay away from her.



Dayummm M. Robinson…Hayes is the Alphahole of all Alphaholes and I hated to love him… and yesss ma’am I fell hard for him even though he drove me insane!!! haha

Haven met Hayes at a bar.. his bar. She was using a fake id to get in and she was pissed when he would not let her in.

“You became my business as soon as you tried to sneak into my bar.” “What part of sneaking in was I doing? I’m standing right in front of you, aren’t I?” “I don’t have to look at your ID to know that it’s fake. You can’t be older than what? Fifteen?”

So to bypass Hayes, Haven decides to come back when she turns 18 and get a job at Hayes bar. She goes over his head to get the job and lawd here goes double the ANGST!!!! Robinson outdid herself on this Alphahole let me tell you!!!

5 Angsty Stars from me…I definitely was in book heaven reading this one!!!


Author : Tricia & Rosa

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