The Donor by Brenda Rothert




“I want your sperm.”

Those were Shelby Grant’s first words to me. Didn’t even want me to buy her a drink first. See, Shelby isn’t like other women. After researching Denver’s most eligible bachelors in search of her ideal sperm donor, she chose me.

As a pro hockey player, I’m used to women wanting things from me, but my swimmers? That’s a new one. Somehow, though, with her color-coded parenting plan, sales pitch and contract, Shelby sells me on the idea. After my donation, she doesn’t want anything more to do with me.

I can’t seem to stay away, though. As her belly grows and I get to know the tightly wound mom-to-be, I get attached.

Shelby’s jaded about men and I’m not looking to settle down. There are countless reasons why crossing the contractual line between us is a bad idea.

But once Shelby gives birth to our child, all bets are off. Whether I planned for it or not, I have a family now, and I’m not letting go without a fight.







The Donor by Brenda Rothert.

She wanted his sperm and he thought she was effig crazzzy!!!

I had the pleasure of reading The Donor by Brenda Rothert and y’all, this was my next 5 Star read!!!

Shelby Grant wanted a baby of her very own but she had stipulations. Like she didn’t want a man in her life, just his sperm lol

She had everything drawn up with lawyers, everything in place but just needed to find the perfect donor.

That’s where Beau Fox comes into play. He checked ALL the boxes.. he was Shelby’s perfect Donor… lol

But now she has to figure out how to convince him to get on board with her request!!!





Author : Rosa & Tricia

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