The Right Man by Michelle Mankin

Title: The Right Man

Author: Michelle Mankin

Genre: Rockstar Romance

Release Date: February 14, 2019


A pretty woman and a handsome rock star.

A modern retelling of Cinderella by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin.

A once upon a time with a hooker who used to be a good girl and a bad boy lead singer living a lie.

Two lost and lonely souls and a chance encounter on a dark street corner in LA.

Is it happenstance, fate or a fairy tale?

Can a hookup for cash become a happily ever after? 



5 iScream Cones

“Every guy had been wrong before him. All of them. Did he get it? Did he guess the truths that I couldn’t speak? I’d been lost before he found me on that street corner.”

I’m a big fan of the works of Michelle Mankin, she fulfills my rock star fantasies with her wondrous words. I’ve read many of her books, but I think this one is my fave. Well, no promises that I won’t say that again when I read the next one. 😉

I am addicted to reading stories with broken characters and I definitely got my fix with this one. A destitute hooker and a jaded rock star, you can’t get better material to work with than that, right? They both had so many issues that it would take more than a fairy godmother’s magic wand to remove the obstacles standing in the way of a happily-ever-after for those two. You could dress her up and take her out, but you couldn’t remove her past. And hiding it…just ask a rock star how well that works for them. Yeah, the paparazzi are bloodhounds and they can smell a story no matter how well it’s hidden.

He wants her, and she wants him. But wanting and wishing don’t pay the bills. The circumstances that landed her on that street corner still exist. She tried to resist his pull, but “those eyes were like a mystical mirror, a mesmerizing conjurer that I had no countermeasures to resist.

I didn’t just like this story, I loved it. I connected with the characters and they made me feel their passion for art, music and each other. I yearned for them to find a way to be together and raged at those that tried to keep them apart. I wanted to stick the star end of my virtual magic wand up a certain someone’s ass for the trouble they stirred up. I knew they loved each other, “but what if love wasn’t enough?”

Michelle Mankin, are you reading this? Um, I have a request. There’s a certain badass bitch that needs her own story. I’ve already got her prince picked out and I’m hoping he is whispering in your ear demanding to be heard. You can’t write such awesome support characters and then just leave your readers hanging, right? Do I need to start a petition? The line forms here…




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