The Vendetta by Dr. Rebecca Sharp




From bestselling romantic suspense author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp comes a spicy enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense and the start of a brand-new ex-military motorcycle club series…

Harmon Keyes lives by a singular motto: Family first, justice for all. It’s the creed that sustained him when he left special forces and started an ex-military motorcycle club. There, his creed drove him to put his unique skills to good use righting the wrongs left unpunished by the law.
But there’s one wrong he’s been waiting years to make right and her name is Daria Sinclair.

Family first. Daria’s father is Harmon’s sworn enemy—the man who destroyed his sister’s life. Justice for all. Daria is his ticket to vengeance, and her innocent nature makes her the perfect pawn in his revenge.

It should’ve been straightforward. Keep it simple, stupid. Except one kiss is all it takes to complicate his plan. Daria is trusting and pure temptation, and Harmon finds himself falling for the woman he’s sworn to hate. When it’s time to claim his vendetta, Harmon will have to choose between holding to his creed or listening to his heart.






The Vendetta by Rebecca Sharp.

Oh my goodness…y’all .. when my book bestie told me that Rebecca Sharp was writing a new MC series, I couldn’t run fast enough to Amazon to check it out and one click that bad boy!!!

The next thing I would like to share is that I believe I remember a saying when I was younger, something about this is too hot for TV.

Well….Let me tell you, The Vendetta is too hot for your Kindle. LOL Goodness, this book was full of smoking HAWT $ex!! LOL

The Vendetta had me sitting on the edge of my seat, flipping those pages like a mad woman!!! There is soooo much MC drama and soooo much bodyguard drama I was in heaven!!! I love me a good ole’ MC book written by Mrs. Sharp.

Sharp is bad a$$ at writing those MC men and those smoken hawt sex scenes!!! Ya, I know, I already mentioned that.. but it’s worth saying it again. Haha
Mmmmm, they are Delicious!!!

Oh, and of course, when
those grumpy, alpha MC men have to choose between holding to his creed or listening to his heart…. That’s when you fall hard for them and
yessss I fell hard for
Harmon Keyes!!

5 Schmexy Stars!!!

Another great read by Sharp!!!











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