Then You Happened by K. Bromberg

Title: Then You Happened

Author: K. Bromberg

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 3, 2020


From New York Times Bestselling author K. Bromberg comes a standalone contemporary romance about trusting fate and finding yourself again.

Jack Sutton was the man I didn’t want to need.
His know-it-all attitude. His annoying suggestions. His outlook on life.
He was determined to help me while I had resolved to figure it out on my own.
But he taught me things I’d forgotten.
How to trust. How to believe in myself. Who I was.
The problem?
I went and fell in love with him.

Tatum Knox was the disaster I should have walked away from.
Her ruined reputation. Her failing business. Her chaotic life.
She hated me at first sight and yet intrigued me all at the same time.
I was only supposed to be there six months.
I was supposed to use that time to make amends for things I’d done wrong.
Instead I fell in love with her.

They say it’s better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all. Does that hold true when the love is based on a lie to begin with?

5 iScream Cones

Another 5 Star read in 2020… Boy my year is starting off with a bang of AMAZING reads and now I’m adding Then You Happened by K. Bromberg to my Amazing reads so far!!

“Why is it a bad thing to hire a man who might work you just as good in the sheets as he works on the ranch?”

Well that is just what Tate has to decide.. She has to decide if hiring a ranch manager is really what she needs. The town has already shunned her. She can’t keep anyone working on her ranch for long. Like every small town, rumors have spread like wild fire about her and her ranch. She needs someone to “Bring this place back to life.” and probably her heart as well!!!

Yess… Bromberg gave me goosebumps in this book toooo!! I am always amazed when reading a book, how an author can affect you like that! And y’all, Bromberg’s books always do that to me!! They give me ALL THE FEELS!! She always leaves me wanting more and I hate seeing the end of the book coming ever sooo fast…lol

I really wish I could give Then you Happened more than 5 Stars, it deserves sooo many more!!!

Sooo ladies..make this your next read on release day and get ready to swoon, as always, with Bromberg’s books!!





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