Wicked as Lies by Shayla Black


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Wicked as Lies by Shayla Black

Series: Wicked & Devoted, #3

Genres: Military, Romantic Suspense

Release Date: February 9, 2021

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He’s reckless. She’s forbidden.
And he’s done caring that she’s the enemy.

Chase “Zyron” Garrett left a bloody stint with Uncle Sam for the personal security business. His employment agreement forbids hookups with co-workers, which isn’t a problem—until Tessa Lawrence, the office secretary and single mom, is harassed by her vengeful ex-boyfriend. Zy is assigned to protect her, but the moment he meets the gorgeous blonde, those contractual restrictions tighten around him like a noose.

Tessa Lawrence is alone in the world…except for her newborn baby, and she’s determined to survive without anyone’s help. Then Zy walks through her door. Fiercely protective yet tender, he’s everything she wants in a man, lover, and father for her daughter. But he’s totally off-limits. If she falls for him, she’ll be fired.

When a teammate is captured and the enemy predicts their every move, it’s clear they’ve got a mole. The bosses task Zy with discovering their traitor, and all clues point to the woman he’s losing his heart to. With danger lurking, he’s caught in a tangle of unquenched need and searing betrayal. Will their love be the greatest casualty of all?




Wicked as Lies by Shayla Black

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“Trying to pretend I don’t feel it when I do, that you don’t feel it when I know better … It isn’t working.”

Lordy, they aren’t alone, I feel it too! This slow burn, forbidden romance is killin’ me slowly. And I’m loving every second of it. I almost had to wear gloves to hold my Kindle, these two are so hot it almost melted. If their relationship was not off-limits and they were free to let the sparks fly it for sure would be a smoldering heap of ash by now.

Zy is new to this security gig. It is a good fit with his military training. He’s exactly what the security company needs. Unfortunately, the company’s got what he needs as well and she’s off-limits. When he’s assigned to watch closely but not touch her, it becomes one of the most difficult assignments he’s ever tackled.

Tessa is a new mom and her hormones are still a mess. That’s a good explanation for the hot flashes that occur in the presence of the sexy security guard sent to protect her, right? She knows she can only look and not touch, according to the nonfraternization policy enforced by their employer. Good thing they can’t read her mind. She’d be fired for sure.

I’m a sucker for a good romantic suspense novel. I really enjoy trying to figure out whodunit. The further I get into the story the more excited I become. Guessing and waiting and wondering, oh my! I enjoyed the hell out of this story and I can’t wait to get my hands on Wicked and True. The line forms here…


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