Roped by Remy Blake


Title: Roped

Author: Remy Blake

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 13, 2018


When my advertising business secured the client of my dreams, I never imagined how life changing it would be. Instead of suits, spreadsheets and business dinners in the city, I’m forced to spend four weeks out west, as research, experiencing ranch life firsthand.

Harry Welker the owner of King Ranch, vacation spot to the rich and famous wants me to get my boots muddy, and my hands dirty. And by dirty, I don’t think he meant with his daughter Blair; exploring every inch of her irresistible body. In the hayloft or the cow pasture or the….. you get the picture.

What started out as a one time thing has turned into so much more and we’re running out of time. When this job ends will I return home or remain here with my heart?





RopedRoped by Remy Blake
Laura’s rating: 5 of 5 iScream Cones

This is the first book that I have read by the writing duo Remy Blake and I have to say I really enjoyed Roped. The backdrop of this story is the open range of Wyoming with the Teton Mtn. Range and Jenny Lake looming in the background. An area that I can say is absolutely amazing. I live about 5 hours west of where this story takes place and you can’t help but fall in love with the scenery in real life and again through the pages of Roped. If you have never been to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Grand Teton, you NEED to put it on your bucket list!

Chase Harrison is working hard to make a name for himself in the world of advertising. He has just landed one of the largest accounts he has to date, when the owner of said account, Harry Welker makes him one last offer that Chase just cannot refuse. Spend one month at the King Ranch in Wyoming. If he can last the entire month, working as a ranch hand, the account is his. Not only that, but the big signing bonus and extra cash that he was offered will go a long way to support his firm. Chase is a city boy through and through. Can he last for the entire month, working the ranch or has he literally bitten off more than he can chew?

Blair Welker is the only daughter of resort mogul Harry Welker. She has come home to work the ranch that has been in her family for generations. She has been tasked with taking the ranch to “the next level”. Blair is not afraid of hard work and getting dirty, that is until she is asked to help out and keep an eye on the new city slicker that will be shadowing her for the next month. And what a tall drink of eye-candy he is. Blair has not met a challenge she cannot complete and Chase is just one more challenge that all though she doesn’t want, she has accepted. She decides to have some fun with the city-boy and see just how far she can push him.

The chemistry between these two is damn near off the charts hot. You can feel the sexual tension radiating off the pages of your tablet/kindle and when the two of them are together they are pretty explosive. Chase is a smart, sexy, and hardworking. But most of all he is extremely persistent and has the mouth to back it up. The banter between Blair and Chase will have you laughing and wanting more. The attraction between them is mutual. Neither of them is looking for anything long-term, so will an agreement between the two for a no strings attached romp work?

Roped is a refreshing, laugh out loud, sexy, swoon-worthy read. Told in dual pov, something that I really love in my books. Easily read in one sitting. Grab your copy now and ride along as Chase and Blair put one another through the ringer and plenty of pranks. I was thoroughly entertained by the characters and the author duo’s writing style. I look forward to reading more of their work!

5 iScream Stars



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Remy Blake is a male and female author duo, comprised of Jacob Chance and Marley Valentine. Pairing up to have some fun, they write steamy, short reads, with insta love/lust, an occasional side of taboo and a guaranteed HEA. You can expect twice the debauchery in every book they write.


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