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Brotherhood of Darkness by Hilary Storm and Sapphire Knight

We’ve loved her nearly our entire lives.
She was taken from us when we were younger and neither of us thought we’d ever see her again.
Imagine our surprise when she shows up at the same university we both attend.
She’s finally ours.
The Brotherhood of Darkness has a different plan and they expect our loyalty.
We’re destined to become one with the society, our family legacies at stake.
But we’re obsessed, determined to do anything to have her.
Iris Kensington means everything.
We’re desperate to finally claim her…but at what price?
In the end, one will have to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

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“It was either her or you. I knew you’d be fine, and she deserves better,”
I mumble through my pain, backing away while he’s still coming at me.

“She does deserve better, so why the f*ck did you bring her out here?”

“Because it was my order.”

“F*ck your order…” He starts pacing, sliding Iris off him while he’s breathing heavily.
“Because my order was to come here and take one of you home.
The other one dies.


Chevelle (An Oath Keepers MC Standalone) by Sapphire Knight

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She was just a job. 
I needed to get in and uncover the Iron Fists’ next move. They’d hit the Oath Keepers enough in the past, and being the newest member, it was up to me to get close. Had I known I’d be getting close to Chevelle, maybe I could’ve prepared myself. I went in seeking revenge and came out wanting to protect one thing—her. 

Running The Pit was my life. 
I needed nothing and no one except my cars and a heart-thumping race. Gear head, Pit Master, alpha bitch, take your pick on what you’d rather call me. However, make note of one thing: I take shit from no one. Not even a broody, bossy, gorgeous biker aiming for my race spot and heart. 

Complete standalone/HEA/No cheating/Over The Top Alpha 

3 Times the Heat (Dirty Down South, #3) by Sapphire Knight

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I’m country, through and through. I keep to myself, minding my father’s land and take care of my two younger brothers. I like to think of myself as a law-abiding citizen. I mean – what the law doesn’t know doesn’t hurt, right?

My life was simple and neat, until little Miss Shyla showed up one day. The feisty woman was determined to put me in my place, however she was expecting to meet a boy, and not a man. 

Standalone, HEA, 2nd chance romance, no cheating, preorder available now

Gangster by Sapphire Knight

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They call him the Joker, but he doesn’t joke.
He doesn’t even smile- until her. 
She’s independent, stubborn, strong and she won’t be one of his toys. He’s not like other men; he takes what he wants and he wants her. 
There are whispers he’s a gangster…that his family has ties to the Italian Mafia. 
No one dares to cross him until a hit is put out on his newest obsession. 
What they don’t know is just how crazy he really is when it comes to her. 
He’ll do anything- even go to war.